Obama’s White House Honors Gay Marriage but Refuses Request to Honor Fallen Police Officers

It would not surprise me to look in a dictionary for the definition of hypocrite, depraved, debauched, anti-American, anarchist and similar terms and find the name Barack Obama listed as a prime example.

Obama has worked hard to turn America into a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. He has pushed gay rights and same-sex marriage, even allowing gays to serve in the military. More recently, Obama’s Navy announced that they are naming a ship after Harvey Milk, a gay rights homosexual from San Francisco.

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Obama has worked hard to attack Christianity and replace it with either radical Islam or pagan perversion. He attacked military chaplains and even threatened them with court martial if they didn’t ignore their Christian faith and perform same-sex marriages. No such threat was made against Muslim chaplains to the best of my knowledge. He intentionally used his UnAffordable Care Act to force Christian employers to go against their faith. He has used the Uncivil Rights Commissions in various states to drive Christian business owners out of business for practicing their Christian faith.

Obama has hosted Muslims at the White House with direct ties to radicalism and terrorism, but rarely does the same thing with Christian leaders.

Under Obama’s leadership, the White House changed their outside lights to a rainbow in honor of same-sex marriages. On another occasion, the White House was lit up in pink lights to honor breast cancer.

More recently, Obama’s White House was asked to light up the White House with blue lights to honor fallen law enforcement officers and the White House refused.

This is consistent with Obama’s anarchist policies. He and Hillary Clinton had the parents of two black teen criminals that were killed while resisting police, speak at the Democratic National Convention. There were no relatives of fallen police officers who were senselessly murdered for doing their duty protecting them, you and me.

Have you ever seen a nation without any type of law enforcement? It’s total chaos, murder, rape and mayhem. The men and women in blue, put their lives on the line to preserve law and order, every day they walk out the front door. They know there is the possibility that they could never make it home again, yet they do their job anyway. Obama and Clinton care nothing for them or their sacrifices!

Don’t forget that Hillary has been singing the praises of Obama and his 7 years of leadership and has promised to give us at least 4 more years of the same. It’s obvious that Obama, Hillary and most liberal Democrats do not support those who give their lives to protect and serve them, you and me. I hope people remember this when they go to the polls in November.

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