Obama’s Vacations Cost Taxpayers $85 Million

Back in the 1960’s singer-songwriter Skeeter Davis wrote the song Promises Promises. In 1968, country music superstar Lynn Anderson recorded the song and made it a big hit. Lines in the song state:

“Promises, promises that’s all I ever get, that’s all I ever get.

Promises, promises that’s all I get.”’

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When I look back on the past eight years of Barack Obama’s tyrannical rule, I can’t help but think of Davis’s song and the lines above.

When Obama was running for the White House in 2008, he made numerous promises that he has failed to keep. He promised black America that he would improve conditions and create jobs for them, but that promise failed to be kept. Instead, conditions for many blacks are worse now than when Obama took office. Obama promised us affordable healthcare, but what he provided is the exact opposite.

Another one of Obama’s broken promises is the one where he promised to NOT take any family or personal vacations while serving in the White House. LIAR! By February 2012 and only 3 years in office, Obama and members of his family had already taken 16 vacations.

When Obama made that promise, he said it was for two reasons. One reason was that he had far too much work to do to take time off. I didn’t know golfing around the nation and world is defined as work. Secondly, he said he would not waste taxpayer money on personal vacations. Oh really?

In December 2012, the Obama family took their annual vacation to Hawaii. In January 2013, I reported on the costs of this family vacation:

“The estimate cost of flying Air Force One is listed to be around $180,000 per hour.  From Washington DC to Hawaii and back is 18 hours.  That means that just the cost to fly to Hawaii then back to Washington then back to Hawaii and then return home will cost US taxpayers around $6.48 million.

Don’t forget to add to that the cost of the earlier flights taken by security and other staff to prepare for the Obama vacation.  The Obamas never fly alone either.  They always take private secretaries, Secret Service, personal hairdressers and wardrobe people as well as Michelle’s momma.

When all is said and done, this year’s Hawaii vacation will cost you and me well over $7 million. One estimate has placed the cost of just their Hawaii vacations from 2009 to 2012 to over $20 million.”

How many family vacations have you and your family taken? I know for my family, there were many years between vacations and it was all due to the fact that we couldn’t afford to go anywhere. After moving to Kentucky, it was years before I managed a trip back to Arizona to see my elderly parents, and even then I was only able to go because a dear friend gave me $1,000 for the trip. I had to go alone as I could not afford to take my wife with me. It turned out that this was the last time I ever saw my mom and dad before they passed away.

Remember the infamous Sequestration, where sections of the government shut down because Obama refused to compromise on a budget? During that time, they cancelled all White House tours due to costs, which really spoiled the vacation plans and school trips for thousands of Americans. At the same time, the two Obama girls, ages 12 and 14 at the time, spent spring break at the luxurious Atlantis resort in the Bahamas, without their parents. From the Bahamas, the First Daughters flew to Sun Valley, Idaho for some resort skiing. You and I paid for this.

Now, Judicial Watch has just reported that the latest Obama family vacation to Hawaii, taken in 2015, cost us taxpayers and estimated $4.8 million. The Secret Service cost alone was $1.2 million. All toll, the Obama’s have cost US taxpayers $85 million on just vacations.

I used to keep count on how many vacations Obama and his family had taken but the calculator quit counting that high. So, while your and my families were staying home on vacation time, we were busy paying our hard-earned tax dollars so the Obama’s could take more vacations in 8 years than I’ve taken in my entire 65 years., If I had someone else writing blank checks, I could have traveled and done things, but alas, I’ve spent my life being a hardworking and responsible taxpayer, something Barack Obama has never been in his entire life.

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