Obama’s True Legacy, a Far Weaker America

What is Obama’s Legacy?

  1. Setting back race relations 50 years.
    When Obama took office, there was a great deal of optimism that his election could be the nail in the coffin of racial acrimony. Unfortunately, after losing in devastating fashion in the 2010 election, Democrats decided that race warfare would be a key part of their electoral strategy going forward. It will take a long time for America to recover from their decision to legitimize radicals who say that cops are “hunting” black people, and it’s “open season.” If you had told most Americans 8 years ago that there would be RACE RIOTS again, they would have thought you were crazy. But Obama is a Marxist, so crazy was the objective.
  2. Normalizing religious persecution.
    Obama’s legislative achievements may be entirely demolished by the Trump administration, but Christians won’t ever forget the kind of bigotry it takes to sue NUNS to force them to buy contraception. Obama literally took the LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR to the Supreme Court, in a desperate attempt to crush dissent. This was following the Hobby Lobby case, where he tried to force Christians to pay for abortions.
  3. The Imperial Presidency.
    Obama famously said that he was concerned about leaving a “loaded gun” in the White House (a metaphor for executive power). What he left out is the fact that almost all of those bullets were placed in the gun BY HIM. It’s true that Bush expanded executive power, but he only did so in reference to National Security where the President is given broad power by the Constitution. Obama, meanwhile, rewrote several major pieces of legislation using executive power. It’s not just Obamacare either: he rewrote Title IX, Immigration Law, Title VII, and several others. Obama famously campaigned on “We Can’t Wait” (for Congress, so we’re going to commit impeachable offenses against the Constitution.

There is so much more that could be said, since Obama is easily one of the three worst Presidents in American History (he didn’t catch FDR or Woodrow Wilson), but these are the most significant parts of his legacy.

This is what will certainly endure, no matter how good President Trump ends up being.

America has been shown mercy.

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