Obama’s Pajama Boys are Gone, the Alpha Males are Back

Dr. Sebastian Gorka is one of our nation’s foremost experts in counterterrorism, and he’s long criticized the Obama administration’s efforts on that score.

In a recent interview on Fox News, Dr. Gorka explained how Donald Trump would be very different, and a vast improvement, from Barack Obama on the issue of fighting terrorism.

Dr. Gorka used the example of Obama’s failed Obamacare propaganda campaign to explain the difference between the counterterrorism philosophies of the two leaders.

Remember the red lines? The real reason he calls it ISIL and not ISIS… is because he doesn’t want to remind people that the ‘S’ stands for Syria and that he drew the red lines again and again and again. And what happened? Assad kept on marching, the jihadis kept on marching. The fact is, this is all going to end on January the 21st. Our foreign policy has been a disaster. We’ve neglected and abandoned our allies. We’ve emboldened our enemies.

The message I have is a very simple one, it’s a bumper sticker: the era of the Pajama Boy is over January 20th and the alpha males are back.

Check out the juxtaposition between these two images, which is what Gorka was referencing, and you’ll get an idea of what he meant.

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