Obama’s Liberal Immigration Policies Causing Hardship on Buffalo Schools

Lafayette High School

It’s no secret that in the nearly eight years of Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House that he has strived to allow millions of immigrants (legal and illegal) and refugees into the country. His reason for willfully defying the US Constitution and federal immigration laws was in hopes that most those he allowed into the country would vote Democratic. If they did vote, even illegally, Obama hoped that they would keep a Democrat in the White House and help Democrats regain control of the Senate and House.

Obama’s defiance of federal immigration laws allowed nearly 20 million illegal aliens, mostly Hispanic, to remain in the US without fear of deportation. Then other liberal Democrats in states like California and Oregon passed laws that automatically registered to vote everyone applying for or renewing a driver’s license. Obama’s immigration executive orders allowed illegal aliens to obtain valid driver’s licenses which, in states like California and Oregon, automatically registered them to vote, even though federal law forbids a non-US citizen from voting.

Obama’s plan almost worked as Gregg Phillips, Founder of VoteStand and JumpVote has reported finding evidence of at least 3 million non-citizens voting in the election. If those illegal votes were eliminated from the final tally, Donald Trump would have won the popular vote as well as the electoral vote.

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Obama’s illegal immigration policies are now placing many public school districts into a financial and administrative hardship and nightmare. A year ago, I reported that illegal aliens alone are costing US taxpayers over $90 billion a year and that figure is increasing every year. A large part of that $90 billion is for education. Part of the $90 billion of taxpayer money is used for medical care including the cost of the many dangerous diseases that illegals have brought into the US with them.

What’s happening in the Buffalo, New York School District is an example of the hardship facing school administrators due to Obama’s illegal immigration policies. Buffalo, like many other cities across the US, has received thousands of immigrants (legal and illegal) and refugees. Consequently, they are reporting that students attending the public schools speak 85 different languages. A news report stated:

“The City of Buffalo has taken in thousands of immigrants and refugees in recent years, and it’s reflected in many of its schools. More than 85 different languages are spoken throughout the district, but that number may change by the day.”

“English language learners now make up 15 percent of the district’s enrollment, and as a whole, they are among the lowest-performing, state figures show. They also are the fastest-growing segment.”

“In response to their growing numbers across New York, the State Education Department made revisions in its regulations last year forcing districts to improve services for the many multilingual students struggling to make it in the public school system.”

The school district has already hired six cultural specialists to help translate for students and their families in the top six foreign languages spoken in the district. Those top six languages are Somali, Burmese, Spanish, Karen, Arabic and Nepali. Karen or Karenic languages are spoken by around seven million Karen people that live in Myanmar and part of Thailand.

In total, the Multilingual Education Department of the Buffalo School District, currently employs 14 people, including teachers, social workers, cultural specialists, instructional coaches, language assessment specialists, research aides, typists and an assistant superintendent.

However, the school district is trying to find ways to afford to hire more language specialists to help the students. They did open a Multilingual Student Placement Center to help the thousands of students and their families who don’t speak English. Finune Shaibi, Supervisor of the new center, told local news:

“One thing we know is that if a child comes to us with a formal education and knowledge, academic knowledge in their native language, that when they come here it’s just a matter of transferring that information. Now if a child comes to us with no formal education and has never been in school, we know that that education process is no longer about transferring.”

Many school districts are struggling with budgets that frequently fall short of providing for all the needs to properly educate their students. We’ve all heard of schools that have dropped many or all of their extracurricular activities (sports, band, etc.) and non-essential courses including music and art. In virtually every election in the past several decades, there are ballot levees in every state to help raise taxes to pay for public education. With so many districts struggling to make ends meet, the extra burden placed on them by Obama’s immigration policies just adds to those financial woes.

School districts, like the one in Buffalo, are facing numerous hardships because of the millions of immigrants (legal and illegal) and refugees allowed into the US by Obama’s illegal immigration policies. Hopefully, president elect Donald Trump can plug up those immigration holes and stop the huge influx of people that only create more hardships for American taxpayers and school districts.


Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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