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Obama’s Interference in Trump Campaign MUCH Worse Than Imagined

In rudimentary psychology, there is a poignant theory about “projection” that I feel applies well to what we’re seeing in today’s political landscape.

The most simple examples of projection come to us from children, who have not fully grasped the psychological effects of their behavior on the world around them.  Think of 4th and 5th graders who are struggling with the idea of attraction.  Often times, these youngsters will be mean to one another if they find that person attractive, because they are projecting their worst fear – that their romantic target hates them – out into the world.

Another example comes to us from adults, and it is far more concerning and conniving.

Often times, our thoughts and private behaviors become obsessions, especially when they are kept secret and internalized.  Then, as we interact with the world around us, these projections slip into our everyday conversations and concerns, belying our own innate introversion on the subject.

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As it turns out, the entire #RussiaGate hoax may be nothing more than the left’s projection of their own clandestine meddling the 2016 election.

The Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs released new emails on Monday night that allegedly show that Obama administration officials coordinated with each other to help CNN run a damaging story on President-elect Donald Trump based on salacious and unverified information contained in a politically-motivated dossier financed by Trump’s political enemies.

The emails, obtained by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), show that the Obama-era officials used coded language to refer to the Steele dossier.

The Steele Dossier, of course, is the unverified accumulation of decades old Wall Street Journal rumors that allege Russia was blackmailing Donald Trump with information regarding an unsanitary experience with several Russian prostitutes.  In other words – it was nonsense – but he left propped it up as a way to explain that Trump was somehow in the Kremlin’s pocket.

And the reason that the left continued to push these wild conspiracy theories about Trump and the Russians?  They were simply projecting their own interference on the former Soviet Union.

Not only do we now know that the Obama administration planted a mole within the Trump campaign, but this latest revelation shows just how easily the left is able to commandeer the media for their own nefarious purposes.  When Donald Trump said that this was “bigger than Watergate”, he was absolutely right.

Furthermore, when the dust does finally settle on the 2016 election, there is little doubt that the world will have a much different opinion of the Barack Obama administration than they did previously, especially as Trump’s populist, “Drain The Swamp” ethos continues to mark the former President as a Deep State deity entrenched in the muck of the Beltway Bayou.

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