Why Obama’s favorable numbers are high

Obama’s popularity numbers are pretty high compared to other presidents entering their last six months of the presidency.  Most presidents see their numbers dip when they near the end of their second term.  Obama seems to be looking at close to or better then 50% for his favor-ability.  Obama has fundamentally transformed this country through economic stagnation and has created a pessimistic mood that is dominating the country. So, why do we have his favorable numbers as high as they are.

Primarily, we don’t have an opposition party in congress. We have a corrupt GOP establishment who has promised the moon to turn back Obama’s policies and executive actions and they have delivered on absolutely nothing. When the GOP doesn’t oppose the Democrats and draw clear distinctions and alternatives it creates a vacuum.  This vacuum is created by Obama’s propaganda along with Obama’s willing accomplices in the media going completely unchecked. As long as we have a GOP that’s not willing to fight Obama, propaganda and the media narrative becomes permanent.

The silver lining is, Democrats at the convention are assuming that Obama’s approval numbers means that they are loved by the public and can continue their march towards socialism.  Leon Wolf from Redstate explains:

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The Democrats are making two big time bets during the course of their convention, one of which is pretty good, the other of which is a huge risk. The first, safe bet they are making is that people would rather have a third Obama term than they would have either of the two detestable clowns who are actually running for President. This is good politics, in spite of how people here at RedState might feel. Obama is reasonably popular for a President entering the last six months of his term, which makes him way, way, way more popular than either Trump or Clinton, both of whom are historically detested by comparison.

The second, which is a huge risk in the current climate, is peddling a message of optimism which is centered on the idea that not only can things be great in the future, but that they are already great. The main problem they are facing in this regard is that Americans are historically pessimistic about the direction and future of the country. As the RCP average has shown, since mid-2009 (the high water mark of Obama’s presidency), there’s a steadily widening gap between the “right direction” and “wrong direction”

Favor-ability numbers are quick snapshots in time and can easily change with events and actions.  The Democrats are making a risky bet thinking that the American public has fully embraced their Marxism. Trump and  Republicans will be smart to hammer Hillary, her scandals, her character and  her policies and move away from Obama. It’s Hillary who’s vulnerable right now and with the Wikileaks scandal growing day by day and not going away anytime soon.  Now is the time to draw the distinctions and hold Hillary accountable and use the Wikileaks scandal to your advantage.

The lesson learned from Obama’s approval numbers is this.  Don’t allow any breathing room for approval numbers to grow for  Hillary Clinton.  The more Trump and Republicans stay on message and offer a clear alternative, the  more likely Hillary is defeated in November.

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