Obama’s Eligibility: Acute Symptom of a Deadly Disease

There’s an excellent column by Dr. Lawrence Sellin for August 2, 2015 featured in the ‘Constitution’ section of the Family Security Matters website. Entitled ‘Obama’s biography: Partial assembly required,’ it addresses the myriad anomalies (to put it politely) surrounding the identity of the individual who represents himself as Barack Hussein Obama II, and questions surrounding his eligibility to hold the office of President of the United States.

The press and lawmakers have repeatedly weighed in regarding these issues, and proclaimed that they have been “settled” (like climate science, perhaps). Even certain prominent conservative pundits have offered little more than off-handed dismissals of those who maintain legitimate questions and concerns in these areas.

At the Family Research Council’s 2011 Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C., I had occasion to query Rick Santorum (who was trying to secure the 2012 GOP nomination at the time) on the issue of Obama’s eligibility. His response – that if Obama had not been a legitimate candidate in 2008, the press would have uncovered it – left me more than a little bewildered.

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As an aside, the issue of Barack Obama’s eligibility becomes even more curious in light of a recently-released NATO-commissioned report that revealed widespread government-sponsored “Internet trolling” campaigns dating back to the Bill Clinton administration:

“For example, when the Internet was abuzz with stories about President Barack Obama’s forged birth certificate, those seeking to thwart the progress of the stories simply ridiculed anyone who believed Obama was not born in the United States.

“They succeeded when the mainstream news media began to denounce those who questioned Obama’s legitimacy to hold office and when conservative pundits and commentators — wishing to display their sophistication and superiority as well as not alienating the Obama administration — joined the [trolls]…”

Regarding eligibility – clearly a constitutional concern – Dr. Sellin points out that not only did Barack Obama fail to produce legitimate evidence that he was born in the U.S., Sellin says “[T]here is, in fact, no credible evidence that Obama was actually born anywhere” [emphasis mine].

Which is quite true, of course; the histrionics of those who level the accusation of “birther” or cling to the baseless claim that the issue has been “settled” aside, the facts remain: The White House-released long-form birth certificate and Obama’s Selective Service registration have been unequivocally proven to be forgeries, and the Social Security number he’s been using is illegitimate.

Not only that, but in the beltway, this is said to be common knowledge. My colleague at WorldNetDaily, former special adviser to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley (Christopher Monckton), has interviewed at least one U.S. congressman who stated that “everybody knows” the identity documents are forgeries and that, eligible or not based on his parentage, a vast criminal fraud was perpetrated by Obama, his handlers, and those who certified him as eligible – former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi among them.

So if “everybody knows,” why has this travesty been allowed to continue?

That is in truth the pertinent question…

It is immaterial whether the individual believes that Obama was born in America or in Kenya (which is arguably possible), is a natural born citizen or not, what is in his sealed education and Illinois Bar records, in what nation his passport was issued, or any other official verification that he was born to a human woman at some place and at some time, rather than having been spawned in a laboratory run by the CIA or some variety of interdimensional shape-shifting aliens.

These things are immaterial because there is so much evidence supporting charges of fraud prior to Obama’s election and charges of high treason since he became President that anyone who claims otherwise is either a fool or an Obama operative.

The predicament that we find ourselves in as Americans – those few who truly comprehend the depth and breadth of this predicament – is that which Sellin points out:

“Yet, there remains a conspiracy of silence among members of Congress and the media, who have shielded Obama and his acolytes from any serious scrutiny, have demanded no meaningful accountability nor mounted any sustained opposition.

“The American political-media ruling class…  has not only reduced the federal government into a farce; they have made it a criminal farce. It is no longer just a question of Obama’s guilt and liability, but the survival of lawful and representative government.”

It is discouraging indeed to consider the notion that in the operational sense, our country is already gone.


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