Obama’s Desperation is Showing

At a racially-exclusive gala last week, the President of ALL Americans delivered an animated and perhaps somewhat desperate call for African-Americans to vote for Hillary Clinton.  He claimed, “everything we stand for is on the ballot”, along with, “all the progress we’ve made”.  Conspicuously absent was any mention of exactly what progress his administration had ushered in for blacks.  He went on to lecture a failure to vote (for Hillary) would be a personal insult to him and to his legacy.

In the speech (plea?) before the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, President Obama urged black voters to cast ballots in November.  Sounding more like a campaign fund-raiser for Clinton, he Insisted “tolerance, democracy, justice, good schools and ending mass incarceration WILL be on the ballot, while (sadly?) he himself would not be.

Tolerance? Really? for Christians? for family values? for national security? for police officers? for decorated soldiers who stop child rape? To exactly what tolerance does he refer?  It seems unlikely he was referring to constitutional scholars or the people’s rights with which he disagrees. I doubt the word ‘tolerance’ will ever be uttered by any cogent person in the context of Obama’s legacy.

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Democracy? As in his propensity to use his “pen & phone” to crush opposition to his illegal edicts? Or perhaps he is referring to jamming that disastrous health care law down our throats in the face of universal Republican opposition? or Pelosi’s infamous call to “pass it before you find out what’s in it”?

Justice? Is $120,000 fine for “failure to bake”, just? Is it JUST to preemptively convict police officers? Is Justice served by smuggling thousands of weapons across the border to Mexican drug lords? paying billions of dollars in ransom to a terrorist state in exchange for four hostages? releasing Gitmo terrorists to return to the battlefield to kill more Americans? jailing an independent film-maker to deflect blame for the Benghazi fiasco? Those showcase Obama Justice.

Good Schools? Blacks, perhaps better than most, understand that good schools are a luxury the teacher’s unions cannot tolerate. Good schools mean school choice, charter schools, school vouchers, NOT the “business as usual” public day-care centers supported by Obama, Clinton, and the Democrats.

Ending mass incarceration? I believe the last “mass incarceration” was carried out by a Democrat president, and it involved Japanese, not blacks. In any event, mass incarceration should begin with Hillary Clinton and her minions and not end until Koskinen and Lerner are behind bars.

I can’t recall a single thing Obama has done to advance ANY of those issues in the nearly eight years of his reign.  I CAN say beyond any doubt that Obama’s name IS on the ballot.  He and his apology tours, the liberal policies that strengthen Iran while lying to the American people about the nuclear arms deal, the policy which blames inanimate guns rather than the perpetrators of violent crime, the focus on police shootings instead of the murder rates in Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago, Saint Louis, and Detroit, or perhaps his unwavering support for the Margaret Sanger Memorial Eugenics Fund,

Mr. President, your name may not be on the ballot, but YOU most certainly are.  You bet your golf clubs you’re the donkey in the room.  Your “most transparent administration in history” will be lost in the universal shadow of a deceptive, secretive, corrupt, pay-for-play, prevaricating, Clinton Release 2.0.  Your “legacy” of dishonesty will be dwarfed by what follows if Hillary has anything to say about it.  But Obama knows this. He recognizes he has displaced Jimmy Carter as the worst American president in modern times.  It benefits him a great deal for Hillary to take a run at even more dismal failure.

The mainstream media and the Krippendorf’s Tribe of extreme left liberals are getting increasingly desperate as the agenda-driven pollsters are forced to begin closing the gap in what has always been a close race.  Watch as the racist, sexist, Democrats pull ever-more-desperate antics as the election draws nearer.

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