Home Depot Founder: Obamacare is Reason Enough for Everyone to Vote for Trump

Bernie Marcus is a famous businessman and philanthropist who is best known as the co-founder of the Home Depot. While Marcus is best known for his work at the Home Depot, he is beloved for his generous spirit and the multitude of people that he has helped through his charitable giving.

From Wikipedia:

Marcus co-founded the Israel Democracy Institute in 1991, contributing $5 million for the construction of the institute’s building in Jerusalem’s Talbiya neighborhood and investing hundreds of millions of shekels in its ongoing operation over the years. He heavily contributed to the launch of the Georgia Aquarium, which opened in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, in 2005. Based mostly on the US$250M million donation for the Aquarium, Marcus and his wife, Billi, were listed among the top charitable donors in the country by The Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2005. Marcus also funded and founded The Marcus Institute, a center of excellence for the provision of comprehensive services for children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. In May 2005, Marcus was awarded the Others Award by the Salvation Army, its highest honor. Marcus donated $25 million to Autism Speaks to spearhead its efforts to raise money for research on the causes and cure for autism. He is an active member of the board of directors.

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Marcus is currently chairman of the Marcus Foundation, whose focuses include children, medical research, free enterprise, Jewish causes and the community. Marcus is on the Board of Directors and an active volunteer for the Shepherd Center. His main focus is in providing care for war veterans with traumatic brain injuries. 

This past week Mr. Marcus chose to speak out on the 2016 election in a last ditch effort to sway voters to support Donald Trump. Mr. Marcus took to social media to implore voters to vote for Trump and against the liberal welfare state. Marcus focused his argument particularly on the damage done to the American economy by socialized healthcare.

From Bernie Marcus’ Facebook Page:

Again, I want to bring you some reasons why I’m supporting Trump.

I encourage you all to listen and to believe what I am saying here. This is not because I am a Republican. This is because of policies that I think need to change immediately and Trump has promised to do so. I am most concerned about Obamacare… and I think you should be too.

I want to share with you a couple of private stories of my friends and family. Several years back, my nephew, who is in his 50s and lives in Canada, called me to tell me that he was going in for heart bypass surgery. As we were talking, and I was asking him questions, he told me that he had been diagnosed 4 ½ months ago. When I asked why he did not notify me as I could have helped him get an operation a lot sooner here in the United States, he replied that it is free in Canada. During the time that he had to wait to get this free operation, he could have died of a stroke or a massive heart attack. This same young man called me recently to advise me that he was again having an operation. This time it was discovered he had cancer. He was again diagnosed 4 ½ months ago. I asked him the same question – why didn’t you call me sooner? I got the same answer as last time – he knew I would yell at him to come to the US to get treated and he is satisfied with what he has there.

My last story is about a very close friend of mine who lives in Florida in my community, but he also has a home in Canada. This man is very, very wealthy. He has had two back operations in Canada. I called him one Sunday to check in on him. He told me how he was in severe pain. He could not stand, sit, lie down, or walk. He is on 24 hour painkillers. I asked if there is something I could do for him. He said he needs to get an MRI. I told him to come to the U.S., I can help him get that done immediately. He said he must wait 4 weeks in Canada to get one done. By the way, he had just given a rather large donation to the hospital in Canada that he must wait 4 weeks on.

This, my friend, is what socialized medicine looks like and this is where we are headed with Obamacare if Hillary gets elected. This is not political. This is Democratic. It won’t matter if you are black, white, Hispanic, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Atheist, man, woman, straight, gay, transgender…. all of us will end up in this failure of a system.

We know it is headed in this direction.

I won’t have to worry because I can afford to pay for my own insurance. What about you? Use your head! This issue alone is why you have to vote the Republican ticket. Those of you who disagree violently, as you did my last post, should really think about this one.

Enough said…


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