Obamacare Ready to Crash and Burn

The truths of our world just cannot be denied. We can pretend all we want, but certain things cannot be stopped. One of those things is the market. If we begin to reject economic laws, then we will find ourselves in bad financial shape.

You are not able, no matter what you control, to make the laws of economics bend to your will. And we can shout from the mountain tops that all is well; this does not make it so. And this is the situation that many in the Obamacare camp have found themselves in.

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Breitbart reports

Obamacare is becoming a nightmare. Health insurance premiums will jump an average of 22 percent in 2017, and federal spending to assist moderate income families is spinning out of control.

For Democrats, the answers are simple—raise taxes on the wealthy to further subsidize a failing system—or force a single payer system—which can dictate prices to service providers and compel their participation—onto reluctant Americans.

Now, this news comes just a few days after the report that the Affordable Care Act (ACT) was working according to design. So, this leads to the most obvious question. What exactly was its intent? What did they design the ACA to do?

Breitbart continues

For conservative Republicans, the issue is more vexing. Merely repealing the law is not enough, because that would hardly return America to a free market.

Even before the Affordable Care Act, federal and state governments were paying nearly half of the nation’s health care bills.

And this is the problem. The Conservatives have taken up to fix a Liberal system. They want to claim to be Conservatives but play within the boundaries set by the Liberals. What if it was an actual free system? What if you were able to go to a doctor and pay him rather than a bureaucracy to pay him for you?

It is time the Conservatives quit playing the game. What we need is to make it an absolutely free market. Not one governed by state or federal agencies. If the insurance was good and fair, it could stand on its own. If it is not and you do not look hard enough to find out, then buyers beware.

Either way, the government was never meant to handle such things as insurance or health care. this is why they will never do it efficiently.

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