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You Thought Obamacare Was Bad? Wait Until You See What Berniecare Looks Like.

When Obamacare was introduced and passed, it was touted as affordable. Since then, premiums for individual coverage have significantly increased in a majority of states.

Now, Democratic Socialist presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is touting his own healthcare plan, and the costs are unprecedented. Bernie-Care is expected to cost twice as much as he claimed (twice of $13.8 trillion he projected over the next decade) and will be paid for through tax increases imposed on everyone.

Christine Rousselle, the managing web editor for, reported that Bernie-Care would actually cost an unsustainable $32 trillion, according to a report produced by the Left-leaning Urban Institute.

Sanders has been promoting his healthcare plan that would create a federally administered single-payer health care program for all citizens, which is against the Constitution, as the federal government has no authority to administer such a program, but ignores the “actual” costs of such a program.

The Urban Institute study states:

“Bernie-care would increase federal health care expenditures by $32 trillion, 233 percent, over the next decade. The $15 trillion in additional taxes proposed by Sanders would fail to even cover half of the health care proposal’s price tag, leaving a funding gap of $16.6 trillion. In the first year, federal spending would increase by $2.34 trillion. To give some context, total national health expenditures in the United States were $3 trillion in 2014.”

The supporters and socialists who love Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda have been ignoring the costs associated with Sanders’s healthcare plan, ignoring the necessary tax increases needed to fund such a plan, roughly $15.3 trillion, and disregards the massive debt the United States already incurred.

The national debt stands at $19.2 trillion with $102 trillion in unfunded liabilities. If the national debt were not to increase beyond $19.2 trillion, and Bernie-Care’s anticipated $32 trillion costs were added to this debt, and if the federal government paid for the increased healthcare costs without increasing taxes, the national debt would skyrocket to $51.2 trillion.

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