Obamacare Failure Accelerates & Dems Plan to Make It Worse

Now that even Bill Clinton is admitting Obamacare failure, the media is in deep denial.

Obamacare failure is obvious but it is being under-reported, as was noted on Fox News:

It is important for readers to realize that Bill Clinton’s “rant” on Obamacare was carefully planned. As the New York Post reported,

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According to multiple sources both in the White House and the Clinton campaign, Bill was following a carefully crafted script that was poll tested and endorsed by his wife and Barack Obama.

“Barack warned Hillary that she was going to have to confront an attack from Trump or [the debate moderators] Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz on the problems with ObamaCare,” said a source with intimate knowledge of a conversation between the president and Hillary Clinton.

“Barack said he was aware of the widespread unhappiness with ObamaCare’s massive premium increases,” the source continued, “and that Hillary had to be ready during the presidential town hall debate to defang the attack that was sure to come.”

Notice that, though Barack Obama acknowledges that his “signature achievement” is failing, the media is not covering it. Compare what is happening in Obamacare to how the media reported on the economy in 2008. If you go looking for news, you can find stories, but the news shows on TV don’t seem interested.

Yet Obamacare is going to get worse in more ways than higher insurance rates. According to Bruce Japsen at Forbes,

Limited access to doctors and hospitals could become the norm for those buying individual coverage under the Affordable Care Act as insurers move rapidly to narrow medical care provider networks, a new analysis and recent insurer disclosures indicate.

The latest evidence comes from the University of Pennsylvania where researchers showed health plans with an “extra-small network had a monthly premium that was 6.7% less expensive than that of a plan with a large network.” Penn researchers looked at the popular low cost silver plans offered on public exchanges across the country in 2014 and more than 450,000 doctors participating in at least one network.

“Because the use of narrow networks is one of the last remaining strategies available to insurance companies to offer lower-cost plans on health insurance marketplaces, the success of coverage expansions could be tied to the successful implementation of narrow networks ,” Daniel Polsky, executive director of the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at University of Pennsylvania wrote with colleagues in the October issue of the journal Health Affairs.

So not only is price rising but quality is sinking.

And all Democrats can suggest is moving toward full socialism.

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