Obamacare Death Spiral Continues with Absurd New Mexico Rate Change

With John McCain once again asserting his RINO status on congress by refusing yet another attempt to repeal the disaster known as Obamacare, New Mexico continues to prove how horrific conditions have become for sick Americans.

America is in the grips of a healthcare crisis brought on by former President Barack Obama’s ironically-named Affordable Care Act.  The legislation, instead of providing healthcare for Americans, simply outlined a series of expensive penalties for those who did not purchase health insurance from one of several enormous corporations to which he was beholden.  From the moment of its inception, Obamacare allowed for these health insurance companies to hike premiums through the roof at their own discretion due to the lack of competition within the minuscule “marketplace”.

Now, as Americans are increasingly unable to keep themselves healthy due to the skyrocketing cost of health insurance, a number of republican efforts to repeal Obamacare have failed thanks to turncoat republicans such as McCain who have been bitten by the “resistance” bug.

New Mexico today announced an incredibly drastic price hike for premiums, just as word was coming in from Washington regarding the possible failure of this latest repeal attempt.

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“Health insurers in New Mexico are increasing premiums at the highest rate seen in the four-year history of the state’s exchanges, the Albuquerque Journalreported.

“Insurers will increase premiums next year from a range of 36 to 41 percent for midlevel insurance plans. For all plans, premiums are expected to rise a range of 17 to 49 percent.

“Sixty percent of consumers in New Mexico will qualify for subsidies to lower the cost of the increasing premium.

“‘I feel sorry for the other 40 percent though,’ said John Franchini, the state’s insurance superintendent. ‘Forty percent have to pay the full brunt of the rate increases.’

 “Franchini says that instability of the exchanges is the main reason insurers want premium rate increases. By raising premiums, insurers can be more confident about participating in Obamacare if the extra cash can insulate them from major financial losses.”

This was a completely avoidable side effect of Obamacare, and its implementation has made the CEO’s in these insurance ivory towers extremely wealthy.

In turn, these corporations can now continue to support their lobbyist and special interest employees who have been hard at work greasing palms in D.C. and beyond…perhaps even those of one songbird turncoat in the Senate.

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