Obama Video: Which Gun Deaths Matter?

Supposedly all gun deaths matter but some seem to matter a lot more than others.

“Yet another mass shooting,” remarks President Obama, as if local crime is the responsibility of our chief executive.

Furthermore, Obama worries that this story and others like in don’t “dominate the news today.” He is afraid that it has “become routine” to hear of mass shootings. “We cannot be numb to this.” All gun deaths matter.

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The President’s priorities are puzzling. The shootings in Hesston, Kansas, were part of the national news cycle. On the other hand, the nine gun homicides in Chicago last week did not rate national news. The Chicago Sun-Times reported those deaths, as part of their Homicide Watch Chicago.

Homicide Watch Chicago is dedicated to the proposition that murder is never a run-of-the-mill story. Attention must be paid to each one, not merely a select and particularly tragic few. We understand the reality of public’s demand for news – that some stories get more attention than others. But all murders represent a degree of human suffering – direct and indirect – that cannot be ignored. Our goal is to tell the story of every murder in the city, so that together we might fight the tendency to view homicides as just another rising or falling number, like mortgage rates or batting averages.

Homicides occur virtually daily in Chicago. And it is getting worse. Why hasn’t the President mentioned these murders?

Answer: because he is all right with those deaths being routine. He doesn’t mind that we’re numb to them. Some gun deaths matter more than others.

More specifically, the many gun homicides in Chicago do not fit President Obama’s anti-second-amendment, gun-control agenda. Chicago already rigorously violates its residents’ right to bear arms. Pointing out the proliferation of gun crimes there would just remind people that gun control doesn’t make the people safer.

A disarmed populace is never safer from criminals. Obama wants Chicago gun homicides to continue to be routine so that people don’t think about the implications of the city’s gun violence.

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