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Is This Obama’s Last Ditch Effort to Leave His ‘Legacy’?

It’s comical that so many presidents have sought to gain the highest position in the land by playing the “humility card.” They claim they are running for office, not because they want fame or fortune; they just want to help make our country great. And, they get elected.

After a president has served two terms, everything changes. Then, these “humble men” begin to worry about what the history books will say about them. And knowing that the history books, like people, remember the last things the best, they try and stamp their administrations with intense activities.

We can see the trend that Obama is setting for his administration.  He wants to be remembered as an environmental hero.

Fox reports

In a major reversal, the Obama administration said Tuesday it will bar oil drilling in the Atlantic Ocean, a move cheered by environmentalists and consistent with the president’s aggressive steps to combat climate change.
Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said the decision “protects the Atlantic for future generations.” Officials listened to thousands of people in coastal communities from Florida to New England, who said, “Now is not the time to start leasing (for oil) off the Atlantic Coast,” Jewell said.

This means that thousands of jobs and a further reduction of gas prices for Americans will be lost. The states effected, were looking for this to help raise the number of steady jobs and raise tax revenue. Now, as the President flip-flops, they will have to look elsewhere for these advances.

All so the extremists will think that Obama was a hero against climate change.

Fox continued

The decision comes as President Barack Obama, in his final year in office, continues to build an environmental legacy that includes a global agreement to curb climate change and an ambitious plan to reduce carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants.

All of these decisions hurt a struggling job market and increased energy cost. Two things a slow growing market can do without.

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