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Obama to Use His Netflix Show to Warp Young Minds

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Well, isn’t this just what we all need? We learned early this week that Netflix signed Barack Obama to a multimillion-dollar development deal for films.

Now he says he’s going to use it to launch yet another effort to warp young minds and fool them into yet another smoke-and-mirror “yes we can” campaign.

On May 21, online streaming video service Netflix announced it has partnered with ex-president Barack Obama and his wife, mean Michelle — you know her. She’s the one who was never proud of her country until Barack got elected. Netflix is now set to work with the Obamas to begin developing new films. The streaming giant did not release the details of the agreement except to say that the deal had a large price tag (though one it did not pinpoint exactly).

So, just what the Obamas intended to do with their new platform was left unsaid on Monday. But now, days after the announcement, Barack Obama finally gave the world a hint of what sort of protects he was looking to produce.

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Naturally, it is more hopey and changie stuff, according to Business Insider.

On Wednesday, May 23, the ex-prez appeared at a big tech conference put on in Las Vegas by cybersecurity firm Okta. Speaking before a packed house, Obama insisted that he wanted to tell America’s “stories” but he also said something more ominous.

Obama said he wanted use his new video production company to “train the next generation of leaders.”

After the mess he made of his eight-year presidency, one shudders to think what sort of horrors his “new leaders” will wreck on the nation.

Anyway, the maven of the corrupt Chicago Democrat machine said that “telling stories” is what made him president. “I would not have been president had I not learned very early on in my professional career the importance of stories,” he said.

Obama continued to speak about his Netflix deal:

“We want to tell stories,” he said, “This [Netflix deal] becomes a platform. We are interested in lifting people up and identifying people doing amazing work.”

“We did this in the White House.”

Obama related meetings to hear the stories of Broadway producer Lin-Manuel Miranda and rocker Bruce Springsteen, and he noted that identifying talent is what he wants to do on Netflix.

But, those two examples were odd to me. After all, telling the stories of two millionaires doesn’t seem to be the sort of thing that might highlight “America’s stories.” Neither Lin-Manuel Miranda nor Bruce Springsteen need Barack Obama’s help to get their “story” out to the American people.

Obama went on to say that he and Michelle want to produce stories “we think are important, and lift up and identify talent, that can amplify the connections between all of us. I continue to believe that if we are hearing each other’s stories and recognizing ourselves in each other, then our democracy works.”

“We are all human. I know this sounds trite, and yet, right now globally, we have competing narratives,” Obama said.

As the world grapples with issues caused by globalization or migration, there are two ways to respond. Humans have historically responded by feeling threatened. “We go tribal. We go ethnic. we pull in, we push away,” he said.

But in the last 70-80 years, led by America and its ideal of freedom and democracy, “We can think and reason and connect and set up institutions based on rule of law and a sense of principals and the dignity and worth of every individual.”

Obama acknowledged that America, both at home and abroad, hasn’t always lived up to those ideals, particularly when it came to racism or gender equality. But he said we’ve made steady progress, “in fits and starts.”

“And now there’s a clash in those two ways of seeing the world,” he said, without naming any names or current political figures.

“I’m putting my money on the latter way,” Obama said. “That’s what we hope to be a voice to, through Netflix and through my foundation, where we’re identifying and training the next generation of leaders here in the United States and around the world. So they can start sharing their stories and cooperating.”

It’s all typical Obama happy talk, of course. As is his wont, Obama talks a good game but the devil is in the details. Just what does he mean about “America’s stories”?

You can bet that no video made by Barack Obama will feature a conservative American’s story. Barack Obama won’t be talking to any pro-life people. He won’t showcase anyone who supports the Second Amendment. He most certainly won’t be highlighting the “story” of anyone who wants to reduce the size of government. Obama’s America is a partisan world of left-wingers. In Obama’s world conservatives are below contempt. They are “deplorables” whose “stories” are not worth telling.

Obama will only be featuring the stories of liberals who want to institute socialism, enlarge the size and scope of government, materially increase the number of abortionists killing babies — he’ll only be interested in the increasingly dangerous left-wing ideas that are thoroughly un-American in nature.

In the end, all we’ll get with an Obama Netflix show is more of crap he gave us when he was president, none of which was good.

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