Obama Still Pledging to Bring More ‘Refugees’ into the U.S. As Europe Burns

In his last appearance as President of the United States before the United Nations, Barack Obama warned the world about rejecting so-called “refugees” from war-torn Muslim countries and even elicited a pledge from the west to take in another 360,000 of them. Meanwhile, Europe and the U.S. flounder under a huge rise in refugee-sponsored rape and crime and are beset by increasing acts of terrorism.

During his UN speech, Obama demanded a “course correction” in the west’s foreign policies to make sure that homeland security concerns did not shut down borders and close the west to purported “refugees” hoping to escape poverty and war in the Middle East and Africa.

Obama slammed the “crude populism” sweeping the west, a feeling giving rise to nationalist parties and politicians he naturally blamed on the “far right.”

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“Alternative visions of the world have pressed forward, both in the wealthiest countries and in the poorest,” Obama said. “Religious fundamentalism. The politics of ethnicity or tribe or sect. Aggressive nationalism. A crude populism. Sometimes from the far left but more often from the far right.”

Obama went on to take a veiled swipe at Donald Trump saying, “Today, a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.”

He then praised globalism saying that the world needs to “share” its bounties with these “refugees.”

But even as he claimed the world needs to open up borders to huge numbers of refugees, he also warned that Americans need to give up our liberties for security.

Finally, as part of his last appearance before the UN, Obama appears to have elicited promised form 50 nations to take in some 360,000 more refugees.

The idea has already met with horror by voters (ask Germany’s Angela Merkel). In fact, even as he made a big hullabaloo about his new refugee plan, the Rasmussen polling firm found that a whopping 74 percent of voters reject Obama’s desire to flood the United States with unscreened Muslim immigrants from ISIS infested countries.

Meanwhile, as Obama clamors for the west to wildly and irresponsibly enlarge its intake of these so-called “refugees,” the leader of the one nation most negatively impacted by such a policy is admitting she has had second thoughts about it all.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently admitted that if she could turn the clock back she would have made different decisions on her disastrous refugee policy that has led to her party being kneecapped in election after election.

The German leader’s expression of regret comes on the heels of another stinging loss for her party in the second German election to see her party lose representatives in Berlin.

Germany isn’t the only nation becoming wary — or maybe weary is a better word — over the migrant crisis. Even socialist French Prime Minister Manuel Valls recently noted that it is all becoming too much.

Valls warned that Europe can’t take much more before becoming “totally destabilised.” He went on to praise borders and border walls and fences as necessary to self preservation.

The European project, not Europe as much. Not our values, but the concept of Europe that our founding fathers had, yes it is in very grave danger. That’s why you need border guards and controls outside the European Union. Sometimes we had the feeling that borders did not exist. No, borders do exist so you have to protect them.

And as Valls issues his warning to Europe, the entire continent is being inundated with Muslim invaders who have no interest at all in assimilating.

Sadly, vulnerable European women seem to be bearing the brunt of the disastrous decisions being made by their leaders, as incidents of sexual assault and rape are soaring in nearly every area where these “refugees” have taken up residence.

Islam Refugee Muslim EuropeIn Germany rape has become an “epidemic” according to the Gatestone Institute. Sex crimes, the policy group says, are up 90 percent in Germany and have risen to crisis levels in every German federal state. In Sweden these “refugees” have turned what was once the safest of all European countries into a seething cauldron of rape, theft, and property destruction. Other countries such as Finland, Austria, and Switzerland are also being swamped by higher incidents of sexual crimes. In the city of Kalmar, Sweden, for instance, police reported that 15 women were assaulted over the New Years holiday earlier this year.

The world was shocked by the vicious attacks by Muslims during the New Year’s celebration in Cologne, Germany, this year. But the world has also come to realize that Cologne is no outlier. In one report it was said that rape cases have become so widespread that “Cologne is everyday” in Europe.

Meanwhile, as Obama falls all over himself to throw open our doors to these “refugees,” his Homeland Security Department “accidentally” gave citizenship to over 800 illegals who were marked for deportation.

On September 18, the Associated Press reported that Obama’s Dept. of Homeland Security gave citizenship papers instead of deportation papers, not as first reported to just 858 immigrants who were scheduled to be deported back to the nations from whence the came, but nearly 2,000. It also turns out that these nations are on the list of countries considered to be national security risks.

The administration is not just wallowing in “accidents” such as this, either. In fact, Obama’s regime seems to be wallowing in self-delusion, as well. Only this week after a weekend of terror attacks in New Jersey, New York, and Minnesota, the president’s spokesman came out to dismiss the war on Islamic terror as merely a “war of narratives.” No, it isn’t a shooting war with people dying, it’s just a war of jaw jaw as Prime Minister Winston Churchill may have called it.

And as Obama continues to weaken the nation and new acts of terror are visited upon Europe and the U.S. alike on almost a daily basis, GOP nominee Donald Trump’s words of warning seem to be words of wisdom instead of mere campaign boilerplate.

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