Obama Staff Turns Coat, Admits That Trump More Efficient as Commander in Chief


After merely a few months of watching America hum along under the guidance of President Donald Trump, key Obama staffers are reportedly jumping ship on the former President’s legacy.

The revelation comes days after President Trump, who has been in office for only 80 rotations of the earth, struck Sharyat airfield in Syria, known to be the origin of a deadly chemical weapons attack by forces subordinate to Bashar al-Assad.  The efficacy of Trump’s first military operation was unheard of; barely two days after coming face to face with the realities surrounding the immoral and heinous attack, there were 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles in the air heading toward Sharyat.

One former Obama aide finds that timeline extremely impressive.

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“According to Politico, which is not exactly the most Pro-Trump website in the media and which fawned over Barack Obama for years, a former Obama official made a startling confession, admitting after Trump’s air strike on a Syrian air base that Obama ‘would never have gotten this done in 48 hours … It’s a complete indictment of Obama.’

“Politico quoted Anne-Marie Slaughter, Obama’s first-term chief of policy planning at the State Department, stating, ‘I feel like finally we have done the right thing. The years of hypocrisy just hurt us all. It undermined the U.S., it undermined the world order.’”

Slaughter’s point was poignant and revolutionary.  The imaginary glow that democrats and progressives believed that they were witnessing surrounding their Patron Saint of Liberalism was merely an illusion, and it only took 11 weeks of Donald Trump for reality to sink in.

Still, there are some important theories on why Obama is losing the battle for his ideal legacy.

Allahpundit at HotAir has his own guess as to why some Obama former officials are deserting their guy: ‘Maybe … there’s a troubled conscience at work? Not just for letting Assad act with impunity for years, but for the administration lying outright to Americans to make them believe he was more compliant on ridding himself of chemical weapons than he really was.’”

It would not be much of a surprise to discover that former President Barack Obama had resorted to harebrained half-measures in dealing with Syria and their monstrous President Bashar al-Assad, given that the democratic deity was terrific at avoiding conflict while in office.  His unwillingness to even recognize certain enemies of the United States was spurred on by a progressive social movement to redefine the First Amendment in America to include that you have the right to not be offended.  This pervasive mindset prevented him from so much as uttering the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism” in his later term for fear of offending Muslims.

While some may decry Trump’s swift strike as a bit of machismo, and further criticism of the move would indicate the utterer’s complicity in the slaughter of civilians using unethical weaponry that was negligently ignored by the Barack Obama administration.

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