Obama Just Made This Announcement About Our Troops in Afghanistan

It is not a decision that anyone should envy. President Obama had to decide what to do about Afghanistan. With conflict once again growing, and the scheduled drawdown of American forces looming at the end of the year; there is a need to rethink things.

As I have reported, with less American troops in the region, there has been a rise in Al Qaeda and other terrorist activity. So the president announced a change of plans.

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Fox reports

President Obama announced Wednesday that he will keep roughly 3,000 more U.S. troops in Afghanistan than previously announced – prolonging America’s role in a war that already has lasted more than a decade.

“The Taliban remains a threat,” Obama said from the Roosevelt Room with Defense Secretary Ash Carter and the Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman, Gen. Joseph Dunford.

This surely was not a move that Obama was happy to take. He has said several times that he wanted to end America’s role in the area. He like many want to see the end of the longs conflict in our history. So, one can bet this was not the President’s idea.

Fox continued

Obama said he made the decision after receiving recommendations from top military leaders who urged him to revise his earlier plan. He said boosting the planned troops levels would help U.S. allies prepare their own contribution to the fight in Afghanistan and would help the next president make good decisions about the future of U.S. involvement in the country where America has been fighting since 2001.

“The decision I’m making today ensures that my successor has a solid foundation for progress in Afghanistan, as well as the flexibility to address the threat of terrorism as it evolves,” Obama said.

Though I wish that this war was over, it is not, and we have to see the hard fights to the end, lest we see another ISIS type situation occur in our absence.

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