Obama Sets Another Record – Most Regulations in American History!

Yesterday, more pages of Obama regulations were published than ever before.

While the news media has been propagandizing for the President’s apology tour in Europe, the real story is the number of Obama regulations published in the Federal Register yesterday.

According to the Washington Examiner,

President Obama has just set a new record for rules and regulations, his administration spitting out 527 pages worth in just one day, as he races to put his fingerprint on virtually every corner of American life and business.

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According to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the administration has just shattered the old record for pages of regulations and rules published by the in-house journal, the Federal Register.

At 81,640 total pages for 2016, it ranks first and 235 pages more than all of those published in 2010, the previous record.

In fact, Obama regulations hold seven of the ten top records for most pages of new regulations published in a single day.

It turns out that Rahm Emanuel wrote a letter to the outgoing administration in 2008, requesting that no new regulations be published. Now, that same letter was sent to the Obama Administration.

Western Journalism reports,

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and other Republican leadership sent a letter Tuesday asking the Obama administration to put a halt on all the recent rulemaking.

“[We] write to caution you against finalizing pending rules or regulations in the Administration’s last days….Moreover, such forbearance is necessary to afford the recently elected Administration and Congress the opportunity to review and give direction concerning pending rulemakings,” the letter states.

It continues: “Should you ignore this counsel, please be aware that we will work with our colleagues to ensure that Congress scrutinizes your actions and, if appropriate, overturns them pursuant to the Congressional Review Act.”

The Obama administration does not want to honor that request, it seems. The Washington Examiner points out that there are over twenty working days left in the year.

“No one knows what the future holds, but at a pace of well over 1,000 pages weekly, the Federal Register could easily top 90,000 pages this year. The simple algebra says that at the current pace we’ll add 11,190 pages over the next 44 days, to end 2016 at around 92,830 pages,” said CEI’s Clyde Wayne Crews.

“This is astonishing and should be of great concern, and intolerable, to policymakers. It is remarkable enough that the all-time record has been passed before Thanksgiving,” he added.

government-regulationsSo, all this time Barack Obama has, while acting painfully patronizing, promised to do all he can to help Donald Trump make a smooth transition into office, he has worked against him. He has no intention of making space for Donald Trump. Rather, he is still working hard to get his own agenda in place. He is adding to Donald Trump’s workload because he will have to undo all these Obama regulations.

While this is obnoxious, it probably isn’t going to do that much damage. Barack Obama’s decision not to work with Congress is going to prove costly to his legacy. What can be done by executive order can be undone by executive order. As I wrote a few days ago, Trump gets Obama’s pen and Obama’s phone after his inauguration.

Hopefully he’ll use scissors too. Or perhaps he should hold a White House bonfire using volumes of the Federal Register as fuel.

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