Obama Restricts Immigration!… For Freedom-Loving Cubans [VIDEO]

Finally, Barack Obama restricts immigration for a single country while doing nothing about the Southern border of Islamic extremism.

Barack Obama restricts immigration because the future voters have a chance of being disproportionately Republican.

A local Florida news station found one woman who was shocked that the lame duck President had stopped the open-door Cuban policy. She thought that behavior was more in keeping with Donald Trump.

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The Associated Press reports,

Ordinary Cubans worried Friday about the economic problems that could be caused for some people by the sudden end to a once-easy pathway to life in the United States, saying many people who already left the island to take advantage of the earlier American immigration policy could wind up back home with nothing.

President Barack Obama on Thursday ended the possibility of automatic legal residency for any Cuban who touches U.S. soil. Those people who were in the middle of trips to get to the United States could be the biggest losers, some Cubans said.

“There are people who have sold houses, renounced everything, and today they are in limbo,” said Leonardo Serrano, a 47-year-old who works for a firm that operates with private and government investment. “They won’t be able to get there, and when they return they won’t have anything.”

Average Cubans and opponents of the island’s communist leaders said they expected pressure for reform on the island to increase with the elimination of a mechanism that siphoned off the island’s most dissatisfied citizens and turned them into sources of remittances supporting relatives who remained on the island.

The repeal of the “wet foot, dry foot” policy went into effect immediately after a Thursday afternoon announcement. It followed months of negotiations focused in part on getting Cuba to agree to take back people who had arrived in the U.S.

I wonder if this wasn’t the objective all along when Obama pursued diplomatic relations with Communist Cuba.

Naturally Democrats will object that Republicans should be in favor of this because they think of Republicans as opposed to all immigration. That was never true. Americans wanted a stop to illegal immigration and an immigration policy that made America greater, not weaker. Obviously, Cuban immigration was legal.

It is also obvious that Cuban immigrants, on the whole, are helpful to America. People who have homes to sell in order to relocate to the United States are people who can economically help the nation by buying homes and starting businesses here.

But they also tend to vote Republican. Those aren’t the kind of immigrants that Democrats want. Syrian refugees and poor people from Mexico and South America are preferable. Illegal immigrants who are not deported due to the actions of a Democrat president are preferable. The expansion of the welfare state and Democrat voter rolls is the goal.

The only silver lining to this story is that Donald Trump could undo all of this. Maybe he will merely reverse it or maybe he will ensure a better policy. After all, the granting of automatic legal residence did not allow the U.S. to vet immigrants.

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