Obama Is Releasing Terrorists From Gitmo And He Wonders Why Trump Is Winning

It’s no secret that closing the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has been a top priority for President Obama since he first promised to do so during his 2008 campaign. Fortunately, for those of us who don’t advocate releasing violent terrorists from prison, that has proven to be easier said than done. Come to think of it, that is often the case with promises made by politicians, particularly Democrats. Nonetheless, the base remains open as we near the end of Obama’s final term in office. This is in spite of his administration feverishly releasing hundreds of jihadists who are responsible for the deaths of an untold number of Americans and innocent people around the world.

What remains a surprise to me is the relatively low level of push-back Obama has received on his mission to close the base. Granted, the base remains open and there has been some congressional resistance, but there is very little public debate on the policy itself. When was the last time you heard whether or not we should close Gitmo debated in the media? Is it now a mainstream policy in the United States to simply set jihadists free from prison? Lest we forget, these guys are ‘the worst of the worst’, as stated by former Vice President Cheney, not a group of mere political dissidents who were haphazardly incarcerated from an otherwise peaceful life.

This brings me to the crux of my point.

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President Obama clearly doesn’t care who these jihadists have killed and believes they should be released regardless of any security threat it brings to the American people. Perhaps he doesn’t agree they deserve to be imprisoned for things like blowing up children or slamming planes into the World Trade Center. Obviously that’s not how he would put it to the media or on the campaign trail. That would be difficult to defend even by his most ardent supporters, many of whom still likely agree.

But what other conclusion can be made when Obama plainly states that he wishes to release every single prisoner from Gitmo? Are we to believe that all of them are ‘low-risk’ terrorists and not one is worth imprisoning indefinitely? That would be an insult to the work of the military and intelligence community who sacrificed blood, sweat, and lives to detain these jihadists so that we could obtain more information on their organizations. They couldn’t manage to find any of the high-risk guys? The idea that they’re all ‘low-risk’ is of course an absurd claim.

Obama also claims Gitmo is used as a recruiting tool for ISIS and Al-Qaeda. How does he reconcile his acknowledgement of the threat posed by those organizations with the claim that the terrorists in Gitmo are all low-risk threats to the United States? They’re all directly associated with those terror cells, are they not? Obama continues to claim that America is winning the war against ISIS which, if true, is in spite of us releasing their soldiers back to the battlefield. We know for a fact that many prisoners released from Gitmo have returned to terrorist activity.

These actions by President Obama have been bizarre to say the least. He has released hundreds of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, delivered over a billion dollars in cash to the Iranian government, and insisted on the importation of tens of thousands of Syrian refuges to the United States regardless of any concerns over our ability to effectively vet them. These examples are all from this past year alone.

It’s plainly obvious that radical Islam is a danger to liberty in America and the rest of the world, and yet Obama downplays it every time it’s brought up. Why is that? I’m not pretending to know the answer, but it’s the reason that a lot of people question his motives and priorities. When asking simple questions like “why won’t Obama say radical Islam” or “why would Obama release every single prisoner from Gitmo” and they are answered with condescension and disapproval, it’s not settling anyone’s suspicions.

If Obama and the rest of the Washington DC elite are still wondering why Donald Trump is doing so well in his campaign for President, they should look no further than their ridiculous foreign policy ‘achievements’ like releasing terrorists from jail.

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