Obama Pushes to Ratify U.N. Small Arms Treaty, Senate Conservatives Fight Back

Kentucky Senator [score]Rand Paul[/score] (R-KY) and the National Association for Gun Rights have joined forces in an effort to beat back the latest liberal attempt to strip us of our 2nd Amendment rights. For years conservatives have been warning us and now the United Nations has finally finished finalizing the details of their “Small Arms Treaty,” which would severely impinge on our natural right to self defense. The fascists at the U.N. are now looking for partners to legitimize their attempts at disarming law-abiding people. President Obama and his minions in the Democrat Party stand ready to aid the U.N. and are readying themselves to push the Treaty through the Senate.

This treaty is just one reason the upcoming election is so important. If the GOP can hold the Senate majority, they’ll be better able to keep the Treaty from becoming law. However, even if the Senate can be held, they’ll need our help to keep President Obama and possibly Hillary Clinton from simply using their power of office to handle the treaty as law. (We’ve already seen President Obama misuse his office to create illegal agreements with Iran; why wouldn’t he do the same with the U.N. Treaty?)

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Which is why Senator Paul and the NAGR are asking for your help:

hands-off-gunAnti-gun statists around the globe believe they have it made.

The United Nations is done with its dirty work finalizing the details of their so-called U.N. “Small Arms Treaty.”

With the full backing of the Obama administration, time is running out until an all-out Senate ratification showdown on the treaty.

If you and I are going to beat this Treaty, we simply must fight back NOW before it’s too late.

Reading through the details of the Treaty, it’s hard to see how our Second Amendment could survive such an assault.

In fact, Article V of the Treaty mandates countries establish a “National Control List” — or NATIONAL GUN REGISTRATION database!

Their goal is to impose these radical anti-gun initiatives on every nation who signs the U.N. “Small Arms Treaty.”

Introductory language already includes:

*** Mandated national “screening” for all persons seeking to own guns, giving bureaucrats the final say on whether or not you’re “competent” enough to own a gun;

*** Licenses for gun and ammo sales, and perhaps even bans on certain types of firearms. This could include anything from semi-auto rifles to shotguns to handguns!

*** Restrictions on how many guns and ammo any properly-licensed individual may legally own;

*** Bans on magazines holding more than ten rounds;

*** Bans on owning a firearm for self-defense — unless a citizen can somehow demonstrate need and get federal government approval.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that this is NOT a fight we can afford to lose.

Sadly, our neighbors to the North, Canada, just signed on to this treaty sending many of their citizens scrambling to defend their rights. Listen as the President of the National Firearms Association (of Canada) explains what comes next for Canadian gun owners.

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