Obama Preaches Immigration but Doesn’t Practice It

While Obama preaches generosity to immigration, he has no intention of bearing the cost.

Watch as Barack Obama preaches that “we” should open out hearts to immigrants. But he doesn’t include himself.

The fence around the White House isn’t being taken down. The refugees aren’t moving into any neighborhood where the Obamas live. His daughters will get 24-hour security at your expense.

Obama preaches but he never has to walk the talk himself.

Worse, if we’re talking about Syrian refugees, then Barack Obama bears direct responsibility for making them refugees. If we have a moral obligation to receive them why does he bear no obligation to stop supporting terrorist violence in Syria?

This administration condemns us for not meekly acquiescing to their preferred immigration policy but condemns others for criticizing them when they kill soldiers fighting ISIS.

Most horrifying of all, Barack Obama is addressing Europeans as well as Americans. With a bunch of moralistic clichés, he tells people that they are supposed to open their hearts to an army of single young men who have made mass sexual assaults and terrorist attacks common in their countries.

Even they haven’t done enough.

Meanwhile, our immigration security system is a joke. Does Barack Obama use his pulpit to directly address what has gone wrong with our immigration system or how he is going to fix it for the sake of American security? Of course not. He isn’t in any danger so nothing needs fixing. He only tells us that we need to change our hearts. The problem is never with the political class. The only problem is in the hearts of the common people who don’t like what’s happening to their countries. Obama preaches to us like one convinced of his own moral superiority: repent and trust in me.

As far as Obama is concerned, we’re all a bunch of unbelievers.

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