DISGRACEFUL: Obama Just Posed in Front of This Mass Murderer’s Sculpture

Many in our country rejoice at the opening of political relations with Cuba. For many, it has been long overdue. Especially when we consider that we are in good relationships with countries of worse human rights records than Cuba.

And while I do not think this article gives space for this debate, I think that these arguments are somewhat hollow, especially for the thousands of Cuban-Americans who have fled the nearly sixty-year reign of terror that is known as the Cuban Revolution. And in the face of these people, our president rubs his political ideology.

Breitbart reports

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During his presidential visit to Cuba, President Obama posed for photographers in front of an image of notorious Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.

Not that the opening of international relations between our country and Cuba was not bad enough, this photo op. is disconcerting. Especially if we consider who Che Guevara was and what he did to the Cuban people.

Besides the fact that Che had racist view concerning blacks, there is the blood that this man has on his hands. There is really only one dispute, and that is the number of people that Che murdered.

The Commentator writes

In fact, an increasing number of modern leftists and anarchists are waking up to the fact that Che was not a ‘revolutionary hero’, but just one of a long line of communist murderers of the 20th century.

Even sympathetic biographers, such as John Anderson, concede that Che oversaw many executions at Cuba’s notorious La Cabaña prison following the 1959 revolution. Though the exact number of killed is unclear, thousands were killed in Cuba’s post-revolutionary purge and forced labor camps. There is even some evidence that Guevara personally carried out some of the murders associated with the revolutionary period.

And this is the figure that Obama wants to be captured with in a photo to commemorate the occasion. There is one thing missed by both sides of the argument. Cuba has not changed, either politically or economically.

If anything, we have moved closer to their position. This is why it has become easier for Obama to open up relations with Cuba.

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