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Obama Naturalized THOUSANDS of Iranians As Part of Nuke Deal!

For those of us who recall CNN’s gloating, for months, about how the Obama Legacy would stand any test of time that the world could throw at it, today is yet another day of vindication.  We knew that these fake media mongrels were lying to us…We just didn’t know yet to what extent.

We could see it in the former President’s body language:  A mix between the swaying, smooth shouldered gait of a man who knows how to walk in heels, and the slight tilt of the head that seemed to emulate the angle of rapper Jay-Z’s hat at any given time.  Of course, you could easily still just how calculated this was.  It was rhythmic, in a way, like a snake charmer attempting to corral his serpents to the ballot box.

Of course, that didn’t work.  The ballot box gave us two options:  Historical success, and a shrieking, wailing banshee of corruption that would haunt our nightmares for…well, it’s been two years now.

But there was something else in Obama’s body language that always seemed a bit “off”, at least to me.  The smoothness with which he scanned the room.  I felt as though his eyes were moving slowly enough to catch the first glint of whatever knife was heading his way.  He was always a little more “aware” than any innocent man would have been.  We knew that the smoothness and the constant, clandestine checks he was making in his peripherals gave him away.

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We are just now starting to unearth the true nature of the Obama presidency, and that miraculously untouchable legacy of his is beginning to look a lot less invincible.

Take the infamous Iran Nuclear Deal, in which the former President is accused of capitulating heavily to the Iranian government, an Islamic regime that has quelled a series of attempts at revolution by its people.

Now, as we peel back the stinking layers of this rotten onion, there is no denying that Barack Obama was not working with the best intentions for the American people in his heart.

The Obama administration granted citizenship to 2,500 Iranians, including family members of government officials, while negotiating the Iran nuclear deal, a senior cleric and member of parliament has claimed.

Hojjat al-Islam Mojtaba Zolnour, who is chairman of Iran’s parliamentary nuclear committee and a member of its national security and foreign affairs committee, made the allegations during an interview with the country’s Etemad newspaper, cited by the country’s Fars News agency.

He claimed it was done as a favor to senior Iranian officials linked to President Hassan Rouhani, and he alleged the move sparked a competition among Iranian officials over whose children would benefit from the scheme.

And how do the Iranian people feel about this news?

“Many ordinary Iranians are surprised and feel betrayed that children of the regime officials live and work in the U.S.,” Saeed Ghasseminejad, a research fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a Washington-based research institute, told Fox News. “The regime officials chant death to America but send their children to the U.S., away from the hell they have created in Iran over the past four decades.”

So much for that legacy, huh?

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