Obama has made the World a Far More Dangerous Place



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The August 4th cover of the NY Post has a picture of beautiful Karina Vetrano who was raped and murdered in Howard Beach.

Crime is contagious.  I spent two years in a mild jail and I have to tell you that crime is a rash.  It spreads.  It must be contained by punishment and the calamine lotion of other people’s morals.

And then we go to page 7 of the Post and see that Obama on Wednesday commuted the sentences of 214 inmates. He doesn’t understand crime.  He is a prep school child who went to Harvard.  His kindness is meanness.  It will end up in more beautiful women like Karina being murdered.

Let’s not even get into the terrorists he removed from Gitmo to kill more of our soldiers.

Obama did not kill Karina.  He is merely responsible for the zeitgeist that permitted it.

He has no idea that he is a murderer.  He misinterprets his kindness as pacifism rather than his pacifism as encouraging irresponsible killings.

Trump is right that we need a wall for Mexico.  Obama, Hillary and liberals don’t understand that we need a wall of resistance to discourage wanton violence.

There was a song by Nick Lowe, “… you don’t have to be cruel to be kind.”  But you do.  The kindness of leading from behind is hemorrhoids.

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