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The Obama Legacy: Weaponizing Government Agencies Against Conservatives

Remember how the Obama administration weaponized the IRS against Republicans?

You won’t hear it on the news, but the Obama administration also weaponized the FBI against the Trump campaign. No, I’m not speaking in hyperbole.

The short answer is that Obama’s FBI used the fake Trump dossier to launch a fake investigation so they could spy on the Trump campaign. Here’s what we found out in the Grassley-Graham memo:

  1. Everything in the Nunes Memo was true, based on better sourcing and more information than Nunes had.
  2. The Steele Dossier (funded by the Hillary Campaign) was based entirely on hearsay, and his information was third-hand (Source 1 told Source 2 who told Steele). Put another way: the Obama administration used completely unverified rumors as a pretext to spy on the Trump campaign.
  3. Steele witnessed nothing. It is ridiculously unprecedented to allow government spying based on rumors. It’s even worse when you allow the government to spy on their political enemies based on rumors. The entire application was based on Steele’s supposed credibility as a source, but that’s not how warrants work. The only thing that matters for a warrant is the credibility *of the person who witnessed the event that creates probable cause for surveillance.*
  4. The judges were only told that Fusion GPS was behind the memo. They were *not* informed that the Hilllary campaign funded the memo. Recall that the FBI had no actual witnesses, since Steele witnessed nothing. This means that the FBI presented Steele as unimpeachably reliable despite the fact that he was cashing Hillary’s checks, but they did NOT tell the judges that Steele was funded by Hillary.
  5. After telling the judges that Steele was so reliable that they should be allowed to spy even though he hadn’t witnessed anything, the FBI *fired Steele for lying to the FBI.*
  6. After firing Steele because he’s a partisan hack and a liar, the FBI still presented him as unimpeachably reliable in a subsequent application for a spying warrant.
  7. Impossibly, it gets even worse. Steele himself later admitted that his dossier wasn’t reliable.

To sum it all up, Watergate literally happened again.

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If Nixon had manufactured a reason to get a warrant to spy on the Democrats, he would have still been a criminal.

That’s exactly what Obama’s administration did.

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