Obama Half-Brother Shares FAKE Kenyan Birth Certificate for Barack Obama

Sorry everybody, but it’s time to calm down about the Kenyan “birth certificate” that Malik Obama, brother of Barack Obama, just shared on Twitter.

Before we get to how we know it’s fake, can we just spend some time wondering what Barack could have done to make Malik dislike him so much? I mean, besides becoming a rabid Donald Trump supporter, Malik has also become a vocal part of the alt-right movement, as can bee seen by the language and images he uses in many of his tweets on Twitter.

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Pepe the Frog – is a fan favorite of the alt-right. Kekistan has its roots deep in the alt-right wing of Reddit.

I am shocked that someone as of Malik Obama’s age is tech-savvy enough to have gone deep enough into the web to become so hardcore alt-right.

Anyway, back to the original train of thought…

Apparently, Malik Obama is upset enough at his half-brother that he’s willing to embrace his political opponent (Trump), become part of the alt-right, and release a forged Kenyan birth certificate in an effort to troll his brother.

How do we know the above birth certificate is fake? Sadly, the Daily Mail was able to discover that the document was a forgery when they tracked down the guy who originally had it up for sale on eBay some 8 years ago.

In 2009, a man by the name of Lucas Smith offered the document for sale on eBay.

The website eventually removed the page because it has a policy of barring its users from selling purported government documents.

The Daily Mail‘s decision to debunk Malik’s tweet did not make the presidential brother happy, he again channeled his alt-right self to respond to their story. He called the media outlet a “SuperCuck” newspaper, using a term that has become the alt-right’s favorite term of derision (cuck) for anyone who disagrees with them.

If you ever have a few minutes to waste, do yourself a favor and go down the rabbit hole that is Malik Obama’s Twitter page. It is at once both bizarre and hilarious and it will give you some great insight into the insanity that is the Internet.

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