Trump Effect

Obama Economy HARPOONED By U.S.S. Donald Trump, Poll Shows

Good things are bound to happen when you decide that the guy leading your country should be a multibillionaire business and real estate mogul whose very name is synonymous with success, wealth, and the embodiment of the American Dream.

Obviously, we’re just now settling into this new Trump presidency, and there have been some rough patches.  Most of the turbulence has been coming from outside of the White House, of course, as the liberal left continues down their path of overt radicalization and violent “resistance”.  Still, however, Donald Trump has persevered, allowing these vociferous attacks and vile insults roll off of his back, and into the murky depths of the D.C. swamp that still surrounds him….at least for now.

As we begin to take a step back, however, out of the shadow of the angry leftist mobs and their torches, we see a much rosier picture, complete with grass so green that it makes our folding money jealous.

You see, having a businessman running the country is a great thing, as it has been proven time and again.  Even the empty optimism of Barack Obama’s presidency can’t seem to contend with the Cha-Ching Champ…and Americans know it.

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A national poll released Monday finds that 42% of those surveyed feel like they’re better off under President Trump than they were under former President Obama, while just 26% say they’re worse off. Thirty percent say they’re about the same financially as they were two years ago.

The latest survey from Emerson College also found Trump’s approval rating rising to 43% from 39% — and the pollsters said they have an idea why.

“The financial situation of voters could be a major reason for the improvement in Trump’s approval rating. When asked if they (voters) were better or worse off financially than they were two years ago 42% responded better off, while 26% said worse off. Males appear to be doing better in a Trump economy than females: 49% of males reported doing better, while 21% said they were doing worse. Alternatively 36% of females reported they were better off, while 30% said they were doing worse. Perceptions of the financial situation varied by party and race, Democrats had the lowest improvement at 33%, with 32% doing worse. Among Hispanics, a distinct majority – 62% believed they were better off, while 25% thought they were worse off. Blacks had a reversed perspective with 30% reporting they were doing better and 40% doing worse.”

Given this incredible reality’s inescapable scope, the left will soon be writhing and wriggling again, finding something new to claim about our Commander in Chief in order to maintain their blind hatred.

Results simply don’t matter to the “resistance”.  It is only their status as an Anti-Trump agent that they truly care about.

That’s fine…more prosperity for you and I, I suppose.

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