Obama has Deported Fewer Illegals than any President since Nixon!

Perhaps to give him “creds” with voters who are concerned about illegal immigrants, of just to cover up his progressives like to call President Obama the deporter-in-chief. The truth is Obama has refused to enforce U.S. immigration laws and a quantitative analysis show that the number of deportations by this administration is much lower than recent administrations. In fact, over the course of the eight years of the Obama presidency, ICE has averaged fewer deportations per year, than any administration since Nixon’s.

As reported by Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration StudiesDecember 30 saw the Department of Homeland Security release the annual report on ICE enforcement statistics. This report covers the 2016 fiscal year (10/1/2015- 9/13/2016) . In a nutshell, the 2015 statistics were bad, the 2016 numbers released last month are are much worse.

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Perhaps that’s why this latest report, the first under the supervision of new OIS Director Marc Rosenblum, contains, “only a fraction of the vital statistics that traditionally have been published.” Additionally this report continues the Obama tradition of changing the meaning of terms as to obfuscate what is really going on.

Key 2016 findings include:

  • Deportations credited to ICE in 2016 increased by 2 percent. All of the increase came from cases of aliens arrested by the Border Patrol, not interior (non border) enforcement. Previous administrations did not include arrests at the border by Border Patrol in the ICE numbers, however Obama includes them as a way to inflate the ICE deportation numbers.
  • Interior deportations fell from 69,478 in 2015 to 65,322 in 2016, out of a population of illegal aliens now estimated at 12 million.
  • The number of criminal alien deportations (supposedly Obama’s priority) fell from 63,127 in 2015 to 60,318 in 2016. There is an estimated population of two million criminal aliens.
  • Because of the different way deportation numbers were recorded (ICE vs. Border Patrol for example) any comparison of Obama deportations to previous administrations is difficult, however “it certainly is not record-breaking number” of deportations as Obama has claimed.

In 2016, ICE removed a total of 240,255 aliens…


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