Obama Deliberately Snubbed by Chinese, Forced to Exit Back of Bus, Press Exchange Gets Heated [video]

Arriving for the G-20 Summit in China, Obama “was denied the usual red carpet welcome and forced to ‘go out of the ass’ of Air Force One, observers say,” according to the Guardian.

The Chinese did not roll out the red carpet or provide a staircase for Obama to exit Air Force One for” his chaotic arrival in Hangzhou before the start of the G20.” Reuters reported that there were heated altercations between U.S. and Chinese officials.

One Chinese official was actually caught on video shouting: “This is our country! This is our airport!”

Even The New York Times reported, “The reception that President Obama and his staff got when they arrived here Saturday afternoon was bruising, even by Chinese standards.”

However, Mexico’s former ambassador to China, Jorge Guajardo, told the Guardian that this was not a mistake. It was a deliberate snub. He explained:

“These things do not happen by mistake. Not with the Chinese.

“I’ve dealt with the Chinese for six years. I’ve done these visits. I took Xi Jinping to Mexico. I received two Mexican presidents in China. I know exactly how these things get worked out. It’s down to the last detail in everything. It’s not a mistake. It’s not.

“It’s a snub. It’s a way of saying: ‘You know, you’re not that special to us.’ It’s part of the new Chinese arrogance. It’s part of stirring up Chinese nationalism. It’s part of saying: ‘China stands up to the superpower.’ It’s part of saying: ‘And by the way, you’re just someone else to us.’ It works very well with the local audience.”

The Washington Post reported that this wasn’t the only example of Obama’s trip starting off badly:

“The problems began as soon as President Obama landed in China.”

Later on, the Post reports,

“Twenty minutes before the arrival of Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, the two sides were still arguing in the room where the two leaders would soon be touting their cooperation.”

Apparently the Chinese controlled all aspects of Obama’s visit.

According to Orville Schell, a Chinese scholar in China during the Summit, said:

“He wasn’t allowed to say much at all. The Chinese kept him from meeting certain people, from taking questions or even radio broadcasts. He didn’t know quite how to respond. He didn’t want to be impolite. It took the U.S. a while to understand that this was the direction China and the relationship was headed.”

But … what comes around goes around. The least transparent administration ever has censored both the media and government officials as long as he’s been in the White House.


Bethany Blankley

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