Obama Crony tells Trump Administration to Stop Lying, Forgets that Obama Era was One Big Lie

This may be the most shocking case of hubris-induced insanity that I have ever witnessed.

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama’s former National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, penned an op-ed for the Washington Post that can only be described as bizarre. In her piece Rice argued that “when the White House twists the truth, we are all less safe.”

Why is this so shocking?

Susan Rice is the woman who told America that a video was to blame for the Benghazi terrorist attack on September 11, 2012. One fateful Sunday, just after the attacks Rice paraded herself across the different broadcast and cable news networks to tell America that “there was a hateful video that was disseminated on the internet . . . that sparked violence in various parts of the world including violence directed against Western facilities including our embassies and consulates.”

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The only problem with Rice’s excuse for the Benghazi disaster?

It was all a lie.

We now know that no one ever seriously considered the video as an issue, in fact, we knew almost immediately that the Benghazi attack was an Al Qaeda operation. While the media has never scrutinized the Obama administration the way that they are currently examining the Trump administration, it wold have been nice for the Washington Post to include a disclaimer before her article. Something like, “Susan Rice is writing an article about lying to the American people because she is an expert at twisting truth and spouting lies.”

Legal Insurrection hits some of the lowlights from her piece:

  • when a White House deliberately dissembles and serially contorts the facts, its actions pose a serious risk to America’s global leadership.”
  • “For the United States to mobilize collective action, other nations must accept the validity of our facts.”
  • “when America’s word is frequently found to be false, doubts arise.”
  • “our friends must be able to trust the word of the U.S. president.”
  • “The United States’ words matter. Critical calculations are based on our perceived credibility.”

This is pretty “rich,” right? The Obama administration was masterful at dissembling, they turned twisting language, facts, and plans into an art form, and the one thing that the Obama era may be most well known for is not following through.

While the Benghazi situation is a perfect example of Rices’s (and the Obama team’s) hypocrisy, that isn’t the only case that we can look to.

The lies that spun out of the Fast and Furious scandal, the IRS’ underhanded assault on conservatives, the Obama team’s disgusting attempt to shut down a free press by persecuting reporters (like Fox News’ James Rosen) and spying on the AP, Obama’s decision to negotiate with terrorists and buy Bowe Bergdahl’s freedom, and then his decision to pay off Iran while lying to the American people about it? Over and over again during the Obama era the President and his team lied to the American people and the world. Susan Rice was at the center of all the lying and now she has the audacity to write an op-ed chastising the Trump team for not telling the truth?

It’s hypocrisy at a level that only someone from the Obama team could deliver.

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