Obama Created Open Hunting Season on Police Officers

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August 9, 2014 was the day that changed Ferguson, Missouri forever, along with the lives of two Ferguson residents.

Eighteen-year-old Michael Brown robbed a convenience store and shoved a clerk out of his way as he made his escape. A few minutes later, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson spotted Brown from the description given by the store clerk. Wilson stopped Brown who became aggressive and attacked Wilson while he was still in his car. Brown hit Wilson in the face hard enough to fracture his eye socket. Wilson ordered Brown to stand back, but the huge teen continued his attack and when Wilson felt further threatened, he drew his gun. Brown reached into the patrol car and tried to take Wilson’s gun from him. Now fearing for his life, Wilson started shooting at Brown, killing him.

Within hours, Brown’s accomplice started telling everyone that Brown was a short distance away, giving himself up and walking with his arms up in the air. This lie ignited a firestorm that nearly destroyed the St. Louis suburb. The lying accomplice soon recanted his version of events but it was too late and fell on the deaf ears of black activists and the racially charged media.

Before the grand jury had a chance to interview witnesses and review the evidence of what happened in Ferguson, Barack Obama and then US Attorney General Eric Holder publicly blamed Wilson, the WHITE police officer, for needlessly killing Brown (BLACK teen). The two black federal officials irresponsibly and unjustly helped to ignite a racial war in America. In condemning Wilson before they even knew the truth, Obama and Holder created a racially charged open hunting season on police officers in America.

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During the 2008 elections, two members of the New Black Panthers were videoed intimidating voters to vote for Barack Obama. Voter intimidation is a federal felony and charges were filed against the two men, until the Attorney General Eric Holder instructed his Justice Department to drop all charges. J. Christian Adams was the DOJ attorney originally assigned to prosecute the case, but when he received orders from Holder, he was so upset at the overt disrespect for upholding the law that he resigned from the DOJ. Many suspected the orders to dismiss the slam dunk case came from the White House since Obama had marched with the New Black Panthers a couple years earlier.

The same New Black Panther group recklessly offered a bounty for the head of George Zimmerman after he killed Trayvon Martin, a black teen thug. The same New Black Panther group also called for the killing of police officers as retaliation of Martin and Brown. Neither Obama nor Holder ever publicly said anything to condemn these actions of Obama black activist buddies. Their silence could only have been taken as support for the anarchist actions of the New Black Panthers.

Two years after the Ferguson shooting, the number of police officers shot and killed in the line of duty had skyrocketed by 44%. In July of this year, five Dallas police officers were ambushed and killed.

In New York City, police officers have come under greater attacks, often carried out by angry blacks. In December 2014, two NYPD officers were ambushed while sitting in their patrol car. Both officers were shot and killed execution style by a black man as revenge for the Ferguson shooting of Brown and the death of Eric Garner. Other revenge attacks on police officers, some fatal and others non-fatal, were reported throughout the nation.

Just this week, a black man shot two Americus, Georgia police officers, killing one and severely injuring the other. Both Americus police officers are white. Officer Nicholas Smarr was only 25-years-old when he was shot and killed by 32-year-old Minquell Kennedy Lembrick, who is now being sought in a nationwide manhunt. Over $30,000 has been raised for a reward for anyone who leads law enforcement to the capture of Lembrick.

When white police officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown, a black criminal resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer, thousands of black activists took to the streets and media in protest. Among the most vocal black activists who only stirred up unjust racial hatred was Barack Obama and Al Sharpton. Their fueling of racial hatred led to violent riots in Ferguson that destroyed many small businesses, putting hundreds of local residents out of work. Hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage was done over the false accusations made by Obama, Sharpton, Holder and other black activists.

Instead of condemning criminals, white or black, Obama, Holder, Sharpton have only condemned law enforcement officers around the nation, making it far more dangerous to be a cop than it was for many years.

Consequently, if it was up to me, I would seek criminal charges of inciting public unrest and conspiracy murder against Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton and every other black activist who unjustly incited the current racial and police tension.


Dave Jolly

R.L. David Jolly holds a B.S. in Wildlife Biology and an M.S. in Biology – Population Genetics. He has worked in a number of fields, giving him a broad perspective on life, business, economics and politics. He is a very conservative Christian, husband, father and grandfather who cares deeply for his Savior, family and the future of our troubled nation.

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