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More Obama Corruption Revealed as Dirty Democratic Party Implodes

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This week will surely go down in history as one of the most painful for the modern democratic party, sowing the seeds of their eventual demise.

To be fair, the implosion of the democrats has been slowly churning along for some time.  Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign was merely a harbinger of the doom to come, as the “inevitable” nominee was found to be colluding with the DNC in order to actually “win” the nomination, and then further cheating with help from CNN in order to prep for televised debates against eventual President Donald Trump.

Now, to add insult to injury, the infamous Russian prostitute dossier aimed at delegitimizing President Trump has been linked back to Hillary Clinton and the DNC, further tarnishing the already disgusting reputation of the dirty democrats and their underhanded political chicanery.

As if that weren’t enough to doom the entire organization to life in a political abyss, news has just broken regarding former President Barack Obama’s misuse of a supposed “slush fund” to illegally behoove ultraliberal organizations outside of the White House.

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“On Tuesday, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte revealed that documents obtained in a separate, ongoing investigation show that former President Barack Obama’s administration directed money intended for victims of Wall Street mortgage meddling to progressive activist organizations who now form much of the ‘resistance’ to President Donald Trump.

“Members of the House Judiciary Committee mentioned, several weeks ago, that they suspected Obama’s Department of Justice had iced out conservative organizations looking for their share of the more than $1 billion legal settlement the DOJ collected from ‘big banks’ who’d played a part in the housing crisis of the late 2000s. The DOJ required banks included in the settlement agreement to make ‘mandatory donations’ to non-profits working on housing and property rights policies.

“Yesterday, the same committee said that emails from Associate Attorney General Tony West (obtained by the Daily Wire and linked here), show West and other DOJ officials had been asking colleagues how to allocate the ‘slush fund’ money to organizations ‘of our choosing,’ and requesting advice on how to avoid directing settlement funds to organizations who leaned conservative.”

This newfound transparency in Washington D.C. comes as President Donald Trump continues his work of “draining the swamp” of Beltway elitists who march to the tune of the special interest lobbyists’ drum.

These revelations are coming at Americans with an unprecedented swiftness, piling scandal after scandal into mere days and weeks, a tactic likely designed by the mainstream media to overwhelm the masses and protect the democratic party from lengthy examinations of their malfeasance.  Given the supposed release of a treasure trove of JFK assassination documents on Thursday, the leftist media could simply be rolling out these democratic death blows now in order to have them buried by the revelations forthcoming in the decades-old mystery.


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