Obama Confidant Admits to Unmasking the Trump Team, Media says “Nothing to See Here”

As reported here at Constitution earlier today, the mainstream media is doing their very best to cover up for the Obama administration’s crimes. While my colleague, Andrew West, focused on CNN’s Don Lemon’s attempts at misdirecting the American people and diverting attention away from Susan Rice’s nefarious activities, it wasn’t just Lemon who is involved in the coverup.

While CNN has been the biggest culprit in the coverup – with Lemon, Chris Cuomo, and newly hired Jim Sciutto (who just so happens to be an Obama confidant and close friend of Susan Rice’s husband) all running interference for Rice.

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Fox New’s Adam Housley defended his story from the liberal media outlets by arguing that they seem to have forgotten what journalists are supposed to be doing.

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By the way, it wasn’t just CNN – ABC, NBC, and CBS have all gotten in on the coverup act too!

In fact, the media’s attempts to twist this story in a way that will exonerate the Obama team of wrong doing has gotten so outrageous that even MSNBC is mocking the liberal contortionists.


Over at the Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro gives a short and simple explanation of why the media is wrong and why every American should be very concerned about what the Obama administration did, and what it means for our future.

The Rice story is a major story. It doesn’t mean that Americans don’t have a right to be suspicious of supposed connections between Trump and Russia; it also doesn’t mean that Trump had his wires “tapped” or was the target of “spying,” as Tucker Carlson put it last night on Fox News. But Trump and his team were a political target of the Obama administration, and they apparently did everything they could within the law, including abuse of power, to dig up information on the Republican running against their former Secretary of State.

Now the Daily Caller is reporting that not only did Rice “unmask” Trump team members, she ordered detailed reports made up to display those records.

Former President Barack Obama’s national security adviser Susan Rice ordered U.S. spy agencies to produce “detailed spreadsheets” of legal phone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides when he was running for president, according to former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova.

“What was produced by the intelligence community at the request of Ms. Rice were detailed spreadsheets of intercepted phone calls with unmasked Trump associates in perfectly legal conversations with individuals,” diGenova told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group Monday.

“The overheard conversations involved no illegal activity by anybody of the Trump associates, or anyone they were speaking with,” diGenova said. “In short, the only apparent illegal activity was the unmasking of the people in the calls.”

Interestingly, on Tuesday, Rice denied the entirety of what the Daily Caller was reporting:

In response to a question Tuesday from NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell,  former Obama White House National Security Adviser Susan Rice denied that she “prepared” spreadsheets of surveilled telephone calls involving Donald Trump and his aides. The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group, however, reported that Rice “ordered” the spreadsheets to be produced.

But the Daily Caller’s sources say that “dozens” of intelligence officials received copies of the report and could confirm the story.

The new information comes on the heels of reports from Bloomberg’s Eli Lake, Fox News Adam Housely and from conservative journalist Mike Cernovich who first learned that the Obama administration had been spying on the Trump team for over a year and that it had been Susan Rice who unmasked the names of Trump team members and then scattered that information throughout the government bureaucracy.

As I mentioned above, Rice appeared with NBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday where she admitted to “unmasking” the names (something she said she had no idea about just a few weeks ago), but said that there was nothing untoward or odd about her actions.

Rice also told Mitchell that President Obama himself had requested the intelligence on the Trump team. Breitbart’s Joel Pollack has a spectacular synopsis of Rice’s interview, here’s a few of the highlights:

Rice admitted asking for the names of U.S. citizens in intelligence reports to be “unmasked.” Rice said: “There were occasions when I would receive a report in which a U.S. person was referred to. Name not provided, just U.S. person. And sometimes in that context, in order to understand the importance of the report, and assess its significance, it was necessary to find out, or request, the information as to who that U.S. official was.” Rice argued it was necessary for her and other officials to request that information, on occasion, to “do our jobs” to protect national security.

Rice admitted asking specifically for the names of members of Donald Trump’s transition team. She argued that she had not done so for political purposes, however. Mitchell asked: “Did you seek the names of people involved in — to unmask the names of people involved in the Trump transition, the people surrounding the president-elect in order to spy on them and expose them?” Rice answered: “Absolutely not for any political purposes to spy, expose, anything.”

Rice said that even if she did request the names of citizens to be unmasked, that did not mean she leaked them.  “The notion … that by asking for the identity of an American person, that is the same as leaking it, is completely false.”

Rice would not say whether she would be willing to testify on Capitol Hill before Congress. “Let’s see what comes. I’m not going to sit here and prejudge,” she said. But she insisted that the investigations into Russian interference in the presidential election were of interest to every American citizen, and should be followed wherever the evidence leads.

Read Pollack’s piece in it’s entirety at Breitbart.

On Fox News, Judge Napolitano explained whether or not Susan Rice actually did anything wrong:

The point is, as the media works ever harder to distract you from this story, you must understand that these revelations are HUGE. The Obama administration was using the intelligence community to SPY on their political opponents for the better part of a year. Obama and his cronies were watching as the Trump team campaigned and then as the transition team began planning for their new role in the Executive Branch… and why? All to undermine and derail the incoming GOP administration.

This is a scandal of enormous magnitude because not only does it prove that the Obama team was attempting to use our intelligence community to win the Democrats an election, it also proves that Democrats cannot be trusted to protect the rights and privacy of the American people.


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