Obama Caught Meddling with Bin Laden Files for Immoral, Selfish Purpose

In our nation’s most recent political awakening, it seems that the democratic party could be nearing the end of their purported “usefulness” to the nation.

While the left has been inherently and undeniably crooked for decades, something spectacular is occurring in 2017.  A period of political enlightenment is seemingly upon us, as hackers and freedom fighters the globe over have taken secret control of the internet, using their skills to pry information from the depths of the elites and their servers.  This glimpse into the sickening reality of career criminals such as Hillary Clinton comes to us from the likes of Wikileaks and other whistleblower organizations who have banded together to bring the power back to the people.

Now, as the democratic party continues to flirt with a fatal blow from the new, true media, more news of widespread corruption and connivance has burst forth.  This news particularly targets the prince of the progressives, Barack Obama, and the unethical abuse of power he employed to win reelection.

“In a powerful and comprehensive piece in The Weekly Standard, editor Stephen Hayes delineates in detail how the Obama Administration hid almost half a million documents seized from the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in order to perpetuate the lie that Al Qaeda was defeated after bin Laden’s death, thus paving the way for Obama’s 2012 victory.

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“Hayes begins his odyssey into the Obama Administration’s duplicity by noting that the day before Obama left the White House, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) issue a press release claiming the administration had declassified enough documents seized in the raid to ‘close the book’ on bin Laden. The release was even titled, ‘Closing the Book on Bin Laden: Intelligence Community Releases Final Abbottabad Documents.’

 “Yet after the May 2, 2011 raid, Obama’s national security advisor, Tom Donilon, said the documents seized were extensive enough to fill a ‘small college library.’ As Hayes points out, ‘A senior military intelligence official who briefed reporters at the Pentagon on May 7, 2011, said: “As a result of the raid, we’ve acquired the single largest collection of senior terrorist materials ever.”‘

“Hayes writes, ‘Why would ODNI think it could get away with such an aggressive lie? … In this context, ODNI’s bet wasn’t a crazy one. No one outside of a small group of terrorism researchers and intelligence professionals had paid much attention to the fate of the bin Laden documents. The likelihood that these ODNI claims would get much scrutiny in the middle of the frenzy that accompanies a presidential transition was low.’”

The reason why ODNI worked to protect their bold and unwieldy falsification was simple:  It provided Barack Obama with a much better shot at reelection.

This is where Obama’s ill conceived nuclear deal with Iran comes into the mix, believe it or not.

In those long-scuttled documents, al Qaeda is shown to have had an incredibly lucrative deal worked out with the Iranian government – a move that automatically vilifies Iran for the connection.  Should Barack Obama have let that information become public knowledge, his endeavors in Tehran would never have been possible.

And once again, we have a high level democrat exploiting their role in government for personal gain.

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