Obama Caught Lying about Illegal Immigration

President Obama and the open borders people are lying to America. According to their own reports, deportations by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are down again this year and are on pace to be the lowest since 2006.  Deportation of criminal illegal immigrants criminally trespassing aliens, are also down despite what Obama tells you about his focus on booting criminal trespassers who commit crimes (beyond the crime they committed by entering the United States.

According to research by Jessica Vaughan Director of Policy Studies at theCenter for Immigration Studies. (CIS) the ICE statistics presented to congress (through the third week of June, therefore  covering approximately 75 percent of the federal fiscal year) reveal

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ICE has completed 168,781 deportations, a slight decline from the same point in 2015, but a continuation of the steep decline that has occurred since 2012, when the administration took steps to suppress interior enforcement and exempt the vast majority of illegal aliens from deportation.

ICE is on pace to complete about 230,000 deportations, which would be the lowest number since 2006.


The most dramatic declines in deportations have occurred in the Chicago, New Orleans, Detroit, and Atlanta field offices…


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