Obama is “Angry” at Israel and Trying to get “Revenge”

Whoa. Liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz is not happy with President Obama and he’s not holding back his disdain anymore.

On Monday morning he appeared on Fox News and decimated the Obama legacy, saying that the President would go down in history as “one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever!”

Then on Tuesday Dershowitz made an appearance on CNN where he continued to shred the Obama administration’s dastardly betrayal of our friend and ally.

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He once again reiterated his contention that Obama would be remembered as “the worst foreign policy” president ever, but he also added that the decision to attack Israel now, as he was leaving office, wasn’t about policy but about revenge.

“It is a revenge, not a policy. And it is part of Obama’s legacy. He is going to go down in history as one of the best domestic presidents and one of the worst foreign policy presidents in the history of the United States. When you think about Syria, opening up to Russia, the Iran deal, and now this culminates it. One of the worst foreign policy presidents in American history… Shame on him for doing this on the way out,” Dershowitz said.


Here’s video of Dershowitz’s appearance on Fox News Monday morning:


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