Obama Admits His Views of Political Correctness Differ from Trump’s

From the very beginning, the issue of political correctness was invented by liberals in order to hide their true agenda and to get the general public to like things they otherwise wouldn’t like.

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One of the prime examples is the word ‘socialism’ or ‘socialists’. Most Americans would instantly reject any notion of socialism. That’s when liberals coined the politically correct term ‘social justice’ to replace ‘socialism’ and ‘socialistic.’ Lots of people willingly embraced the concept of ‘social justice’ when in fact it’s being used in the very same context and meaning as ‘socialism’ or ‘socialist.’

When political correctness surfaced its ugly head, it infiltrated many areas of life including real estate. A friend of mine was a realtor and told me over 20 years ago that they spent an entire day attending a class on politically correct terms to be used in real estate. They were no longer allowed to use the term ‘master bedroom’ as it could denote slavery and bondage. They could no longer use the term ‘quiet neighborhood’ as it could denote a senior living community. They could no longer use the terms ‘with a view’ or ‘scenic view’ as it was discriminatory against people who are blind or are visually impaired. The list went on and on of the terms they could no longer use.

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Over the years, I’ve often been accused of being politically incorrect. I proudly admit it and explain that I like to speak the truth. I’ve been criticized for using the term ‘black’ instead of ‘African American.’ I have friends who immigrated to the US from South Africa and they have lighter skin color than I do and they are offended by the use of the politically correct term of ‘African American.’ Karel tells me that now he is an American citizen that he is an African American and he’s not black.

Another term I’ve received criticism over is my use of ‘American Indian’ instead of ‘native American.’ I am proud of the fact that I was born here in the US and that makes me a native American, but I’m NOT Indian. Technically, everyone who was born in America is a native American, but that has nothing to do with whether or not they are an American Indian or not.

In an interview with NPR, Barack Obama spoke of the difference between his and Donald Trump’s definition of political correctness. Obama stated:

 “If you’re narrowly defining political correctness as a hypersensitivity that ends up resulting in people not being able to express their opinions at all, without somebody suggesting they’re a victim. You know, if our social discourse and our political discourse becomes like walking on eggshells, so that if somebody says ‘You know what, I’m not sure affirmative action is the right way to solve racial problems in this country,’ and somebody’s immediately accused of being racist, well, then I think you have a point.”

“I suspect the president-elect’s definition of political correctness would be different than mine. If what’s meant by political correctness is that there is some broad disapproval that’s expressed when somebody uses a racial epithet, or somebody makes a derogatory comment about women, or about the LGBT community, and people say, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t do that. That’s wrong, that’s cruel, that’s hurtful. Here’s the history of that word.’ And when you use words like that, you’re reinforcing people feeling like they’re outsiders, and less than other Americans.”

Obama has the same idea of political correctness as so many liberals and socialists – if you don’t agree with them, you are wrong, not them. Differing with Obama and other liberals makes you a racist, homophobe, and worse, a loyal patriotic American. Donald Trump definitely has a different view of political correctness as he tends to say things the way they really are instead of trying to hide them with some sort of flowery or misleading words.

As for me, I fully intend to continue being politically incorrect since I also like speaking the truth.

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