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The Obama Administration Continues to Weaken our National Security to Hurt Trump

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That “17 US intelligence agencies say the Russians tried to interfere in our Presidential election!” was the first reason leading Democrats made on the announcement Donald J. Trump won the Presidential election.  None of the 17 agencies held a press conference, showed evidence, nor were any of their officials interviewed in the days following, but major media reported the accusation as fact.

That three would be in violation of Federal law to have done any kind of operation within our borders was not noted while in the days following the Democrats doubled down saying, “Russian Television, RT, with studios in Washington, DC and operations across the US, wanted Donald Trump to win!”  RT has eight commentators and all were pro-Hillary and they only have a US national audience of 30,000 viewers!  With no evidence of any kind on display and the accused “Pro-Trump Russian broadcaster” is less impact than a public access TV station in any of the top 50 US markets, what kept that contention on-the-air?  Bias?  Anti-Trumpism?

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Former Obama Administration Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Dr. Evelyn Farkas, Ph.D. bragged, “I helped spy on Trump for Obama” on MSNBC which was also viewed on You Tube 300,000 times which is ten times the audience for the obscure show on which she spilled the beans. This should have been treated as “barn burner” news, but was not mentioned on any of the major, traditional media, including PBS.

During Friday’s press briefing, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer saying, “I think that the revelations of Evelyn Farkas, who played a senior role in the Obama administration, going on the record to talk about how they politically used classified information is troubling,” really fumbled the ball as her admission verified the Trump “Tweet” all the media had been flogging the President about for days!

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The New York Times published a piece about Obama administration officials working to preserve and disseminate intelligence about Russian efforts to influence November’s election across the government before President Obama left office. According to the article, officials were concerned that some of that intelligence, including intercepted communications from Russians detailing contacts with people in Trump’s circle and information on Russian meetings with Trump associates, would be “covered up or destroyed” by the Trump administration.  This is a great cover, but it requires validation and none has been forthcoming in six months since the election thus indicating there is no basis for the story.

The day after the New York Times study was published, MSNBC analyst and former Obama Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia and Ukraine, Evelyn Farkas, on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” told Mika Brzezinski she had encouraged colleagues in the Obama Administration and “people on the Hill” to make an effort to preserve intelligence.  She went on to explain she had also told “people on the Hill” about the activity and to preserve whatever they found.  Apparently they did not find anything as nothing has appeared, but felonies were committed in the process:

The work involved surveillance. “unmasking” and intelligence leaks thus she  acknowledged what Donald Trump tweeted out was correct!  Certainly their spying activities included much more than Russian contacts.  They would have heard every detail of Trump’s strategy, advertising, traveling, publicity, appearances and interviews, all of it!

This would be a huge advantage in putting together hit pieces to question anything they did!  This only shows how deep the anti-Hillary sentiment ran as had they been as closely competitive as the voting appeared to show, the activity should have put them tens of percentages ahead!  That it did not confirms something was deeply wrong with the candidate and the campaign.  They certainly did not lack money.  While the figures have not been finalized it has been estimated Hillary spent $1.7 billion and Donald Trump spent a small fraction of that.

While it is amazing Dr. Evelyn Farkas was so loose-lipped on MSNBC she could be doing it as a cover or pre-defense to obtain a better position in the event there are prosecutions.  She clearly wanted to break and spread this story and the nature of life in government is such that turncoats have been awarded, switched sides as many Washington DC habitues have no principles and will work for anyone, in paycheck loyalty.  Dr. Farkas is looking for a new job and her “Ace in the hole” is what she knows.  In Washington, DC someone will pay for the Dr. Evelyn Farkis fiasco.

Adrian Vance

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