The Roots of our Issues

Trying to change someone’s viewpoint on what we call “ social issues” is akin to trying to get rid of weeds in your garden. Anyone who’s had a dandelion infestation will tell you that you can mow over them, you can yank on them, you can trick the children into picking them and making a wish, but to rid yourself of them you must dig down and expose all the roots. Until we decide to get to the roots of abortion, racism, violence, crime and the like, NOTHING will change.

I have asked myself many times how anyone could not consider a baby in the womb to be life. There are many answers to that. None of them are sufficient or, for that matter, true, but they are answers just the same.

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How can anyone see only the color of someone’s skin to determine their worth? For some it is an ingrained hatred. For others it is based on a history of treatment by people of a certain race.
Violence is only a tiny bit younger than the earth itself; born of jealousy when Cain slew Abel.

Crime is rampant all around the world. If you took a long hard look at the statistics on rape, murder and all manner of felonious behavior, you are likely to barricade yourself in your house and never leave again.

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The biggest farce that we have fooled ourselves into believing is that these are social issues. We can scream about immorality until the cows come home, but doing so will not change anything.

It puts me in mind of the video floating around where people talk about being pro choice, and after they have been shown the actual abortion procedure, change their minds.

Yes, when some come face to face with the horror, they may very well change their mind. But that is not enough. There must be a change of heart. In order to fundamentally change this world for the better we must change people’s hearts.

The only way to do that is to get to the roots. At the root is the lack of those who consider themselves moral to dig into the Word that set the standard for what is moral and right and just. Those who do that must then share it with a clean heart. Not only that, but they must do so in the simplest way: leading by example.

You see, we are not dealing with social issues — we are dealing with spiritual issues. The name has been changed to protect the guilty.

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