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NY’s Liberal Governor Sends Cease and Desist Letter To Federal Gov’t!

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The incredibly bizarre vitriol of the liberal left has turned preposterous over the course of recent years, thanks in no small part to the “resistance” and their ridiculous rhetoric.

From the moment that Donald Trump announced his candidacy, to the moment that he took office, the left was busy cultivating a bizarre and unrealistic picture of the would-be president.  Trump was a racist, a bigot, a sexist, and literally Hitler on more than a few occasions.

There is even a Facebook page entitled “Donald Trump is Literally Hitler“, as well as, where you can see doctored images of the President and Adolf Hitler mimicking one another.

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This is the absurdity that we’re dealing with in America today.  There seems to be no room left for truthful discussion or civil debate.  Instead, we have the poster child for the American Dream being compared to the world’s most notorious genocidal maniac.  In some weird way, these Trump-is-Hitler devotees are no better than Holocaust Deniers in that they are denigrating the reality of this horrible historical event to inexcusably frivolous levels.

Bizarre behavior like this is spreading, as well.  The left is always looking for ways to one-up one another in the publicity stunt game, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is no stranger to the stage.  The anti-gun, ultraliberal democrat is now going so far as to send the federal government cease and desist letters in an effort to harbor illegal aliens.

Someone needs to explain to Governor Cuomo that this isn’t how law and government operate.

Twitter was quick to react:

Here we have an out of control liberal lunatic inviting some conflict with the federal government to protect people who are explicitly not his citizens?  That are not paying his state’s taxes?

This is liberal logic for you.

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