NYPD Openly Revolting Against Trump, Refuse to Fingerprint DACA Protestors

There is a very real threat of Civil War in America these days, and police officers in New York City have signaled that they are ready to join the “resistance” to President Trump.

From the moment that Hillary Clinton was rejected by the American voting populace in November of 2016, there has been a stinging pain in the side of the liberals and leftists of this great nation.  Defeat is never a noble or admirable feeling, but something about this particular loss was much different than others.  Clinton was considered an inevitable President not only by her followers and her campaign team, but also by a number of her opponents who believed that Americans wouldn’t gamble on the Trump Experiment.

Luckily for all of us, that was not the case, and Donald Trump was able to storm into Washington, obliterating the elitists D.C. insiders that have held America hostage for decades.

Now, the jilted and angry left has radicalized, fomenting dissent in a myriad of amoral and unacceptable ways.  Violence and bigotry notwithstanding, the behavior of these progressive and petulant peons have been shameful and despicable at best and treasonous at worst.

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Now, as the President has telegraphed the end of the temporary DACA program illegally installed by former President Obama, a number of radical leftists gathered outside of Trump Tower in New York City to protest.  When they refused to follow police orders to disperse, several were arrested, including a great many who were recipients of the DACA program’s lenience themselves.

New York’s finest were tasked with taking these “dreamers” down to the station for booking, and, in the process, showed the world that they are more than ready to stand against the President who is looking to promote law and order in America.

“Hundreds of immigrants and advocates from across the tri-state are demonstrating at Trump Tower and in Washington, D.C., after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Tuesday morning that the Trump administration is ending the DACA program.

“As Sessions delivered his remarks on the ‘winding down’ of DACA, dozens of demonstrators marched to Trump Tower in Manhattan, holding signs and chanting, “undocumented — unafraid.” Some sat in the middle of the street in front of Trump Tower, anticipating arrest, and were taken into police custody for blocking traffic. By the afternoon, nearly three dozen people had been arrested in front of Trump Tower in two different rounds of sit-ins; they were being processed at the 7th Precinct stationhouse and were expected to be issued desk tickets, according to NYPD Chief of Patrol Terence Monahan.

“Some of the arrested are DACA recipients; the NYPD says the protesters arrested outside Trump Tower won’t have to be fingerprinted if they provide their information willingly — no fingerprints means no arrest information transmitted to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “

This coy bit of purposeful negligence undermines the immigration enforcement systems that we have in place in our nation, further embolden the already-violent leftists who have openly been calling for a New Civil War with their violent rhetoric and aversion to the First Amendment.

The so-called “resistance” to President Trump’s law and order agenda will soon put a great many Americans in peril, unless the mainstream media suffers a moral epiphany and discontinues their hateful bias against the American conservative.


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