NYC Taxi Drivers are Uber Pissed

I want to give you a couple of facts:

  • JFK Airport is located in New York City

  • A New York City Taxi Medallion cost about a million dollars

  • A person that works 40 hours a week making $10 an hour would have to work approximately 48 years to make a million dollars. Now keep in mind that is gross pay it does not account for paying Uncle Sam or doing things like eating.

I wanted to get those facts straight before I told you about this next bunch of business. So apparently the taxi drivers of New York City have decided to strike because of the refugee ban and refuse to pick up fares at JFK Airport. Now that should make the environmentalist happy because: Hey, less smog- right! Also, we are all about letting people who want to protest have a grand time doing just that. Well, that is as long as they don’t cause anyone else any inconvenience. I mean who could possibly be inconvenienced by ALL of the New York City taxi drivers deciding to strike: nobody, right?! Well, at least certainly not Uber drivers. That is until the ticked off taxi drivers started a delete Uber hashtag. Never mind that the Uber company’s CEO Travis Kalanick told employees affected by the travel ban that Uber would be glad to help them legally and financially! But I am sure that speaks volumes less than deciding to just sit on your butt and do nothing or to stand around holding a sign that expresses your discontent.

I also wonder if the drivers were really the driving force, or if it was the Yellow Cab company itself. They have been ticked off ever since Uber horned in on their business. But surely there’s no way this strike and the #delete Uber movement has anything to do with money! It is just because they’re standing up for what’s right; because as we all know that’s the only reason anybody ever protest anything in this country.

Please note if you are not fluent in sarcasm you should not read this article. Maybe I should have mentioned that first, and if it offends you that I waited: protest!!!

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