Bill De Blasio

NYC Mayor Says He’s “Like Ghandi”, and “Above” Running For President

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The things that some liberals will say to save face would have our founding fathers rolling over in their graves, presumably from laughter.

As far as bizarre, leftist institutions in America, the mayoral office in New York City ranks among the most iconic.  The current inhabitant, a man named Bill de Blasio, has fit the stereotype to a T during his multiple terms, openly supporting anything that the left chooses to promote.

Being Mayor of The Big Apple has, in the past, led to a number of Presidential campaigns, given that the office is often thought of more in the vein of a governorship than a simple civic servant.  New York City, for better or for worse, is the capital of the world after all.

For his part, de Blasio’s “progressive agenda” was eclipsed by Bernie Sanders during the last general contest…something that the diehard liberal mayor has transformed into a statement on his own impeccable character through the use of high level semantic gymnastics.

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“Remember that bold, but low-on-answers, ‘progressive agenda’ he put out with a big news conference at the Capitol in Washington in May 2014? Remember the forum he was going to host in Iowa for presidential candidates to prove their progressive credentials? Remember the threats he made against other politicians—most prominently, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, his Tom & Jerry partner in the local media—to exact punishment against people whom he’d judge to have not followed through?

“Nothing came of any of them.

“De Blasio chalks up the fizzling of his progressive agenda to being overtaken by the Bernie Sanders campaign, which launched at a much smaller event on the other side of the Capitol two weeks earlier in the spring 2015, but became a phenomenon while focusing on many of the same issues, only with much wider support.

“De Blasio bristles when presented with this failure, arguing that it’s ‘banal and simplistic’ to expect him to fail at taking his message national now. ‘I want to talk to anyone who thinks that and tell them they need to start thinking more. I mean, give me a break. So every time someone tries something and it doesn’t work, it invalidates anything else they might do going forward? Tell Thomas Edison that, and Henry Ford, tell Mahatma Gandhi. How many people fell on their faces along the way trying things, experimenting with things, had setbacks? There’s no leader who hasn’t had setbacks.’”

When it comes to the office of the President, de Blasio has a similarly bizarre take on the subject:

“Is he running for president? ‘No,’ he said, simply and quickly. But because he’s Bill de Blasio, he takes pleasure in insisting that asking that question—even as he’s sitting at the Marriott Downtown in Iowa, recording one of several long interviews he did that day—is small-minded to the point of being ridiculous.

 “No, no. He’s up to something bigger, he says. Obviously.

“’There’s a lot of people in the political media and the political class who can only think through the prism of elections and only the very next elections, rather than understanding that social change is made in a variety of fashions. It’s the electoral process. It’s what happens at the local level as well as the national level. It is through issue-organizing,’ de Blasio argued on POLITICO’s Off Message podcast, describing his trip as the natural outgrowth of being ‘a progressive who wants to change things’ — and therefore ‘needs to work with people who are trying to create that change all over the country.’”

You can take the pompous New York liberal out of the Big Apple, but you sure can’t cure him.


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