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New York City

NYC Cops’ Nonlethal Sound Weapons Could Collect Cobwebs After Ruling

Technology and law enforcement go hand in hand, and as our nation continues to plummet toward civil unrest, high-tech nonlethal weaponry has become the name of the game.

There are, of course, rubber bullets and bean bag projectiles that have been used to mow down liberal twerps for decades, along with the old standby:  Pepper spray.  These “less than lethal” alternatives to crowd control have been utilized as a rude awakening against millennial types who desire to control city streets whenever their leftist overlords prod them to.  With an increase in civil unrest during the age of Trump, police forces around the nation have been keenly monitoring the nonlethal weapons marketplace for new and more efficient ways of handling these rowdy rapscallions.

One such weapon, an acoustical cannon that blasts painful frequencies of sound at a subject, may soon be outlawed in New York City, however.

  “The lawsuit over the NYPD’s use of sound cannons stemmed from protests over the chokehold death of Eric Garner in 2014.

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“A lawsuit regarding the New York Police Department’s use of sound cannons can move forward after a federal judge ruled Wednesday that it may be considered a form of excessive force.

“Judge Robert Sweet ruled there is a ‘cognizable claim’ the plaintiffs’ constitutional rights may have been violated by the excessive use of force.

“The lawsuit was filed by six people who said they experienced migraines and hearing damage after the police used the sound cannons during the 2014 protests surrounding the police chokehold death of Eric Garner.

“Noise can travel more than 1,800 feet from the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), the sound cannon used, according to the product’s website. The device also has a ‘deterrent’ function which emits a series of sharp beeps to disperse crowds.”

The sound cannons in question gained notoriety in the waters off of Antarctica as Japanese whaling ships employed their use to deter attacks from Greenpeace rejects Sea Shepherd, who have taken to harassing the Japanese whalers despite their culling of a carefully monitored number of animals being completely legal.

Should New York City lose the ability to employ their LRAD devices in emergency situations, leftist agitators must prepare themselves for the rubber bullet onslaught that is sure to come.

I’ll be grabbing the popcorn.


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