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NY Times Thinks Climate Change is More Dangerous Than North Korea

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Flying directly in the face of increasingly frequent scientific studies contradicting them, the left has been stubborn when it comes to accepting the reality of “climate change”.

The liberal world has long held the belief that man-made emissions of greenhouse gasses are blanketing our atmosphere with carbon dioxide, and that this is causing our entire planet to heat up.  The left’s need for this to be true has created entire industries of eco-friendly hogwash salesmen who only truly serve the globalist agenda.

Science, however, has a different take on the issue.

In recent years, solar activity has been studied as a possible cause for the so-called “climate change”, and a prolonged period of less than average activity seems destined to reach earth in the next few decades.

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That hasn’t stopped the left from performing alarmist feats of media, with the ultraliberal New York Times taking a moment to remind us that “climate change” is the real threat to the American way of life, not the battery of nuclear weapons currently pointed in the direction of our service men and women in Guam.

“The Communist regime in North Korea has threatened the small island of Guam with the launch of ballistic missiles, but some scientists say the U.S. territory is already feeling the effects of another ‘serious’ enemy.

“’Some Guam residents told reporters that they worried what might happen if North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, were actually to follow through,’ the New York Timesreported on Friday.

“’Scientists in Guam, however, say they have at least one other major threat in mind: climate change.’

“’We know that it’s serious,’ Austin J. Shelton III, a marine biologist and the executive director of the Center for Island Sustainability at the University of Guam said in the Timesarticle. ‘Some of the impacts are here, and a lot more are coming.'”

The New York Times has become increasingly volatile in recent weeks as their grip on the liberal narrative has weakened.

With print media already fumbling toward extinction, and the Times and CNN being at the forefront of the nation’s “fake news” epidemic, it is only slightly surprising that the paper would transform into the desperate entity that we see before us now.

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