NY Shops Won’t Serve Soldiers After Illegal Pizza Delivery Man Arrested

The “resistance” to President Trump has taken a number of strange forms over the course of the last few years, but the left’s perversion of the old “enemy of my enemy” routine has now officially jumped the shark.

The democrats and liberal leftists of our nation hate President Trump simply because he was not their chosen candidate.  Instead of wishing him well, however, or even so much as hoping that he keeps the nation afloat, the left has chosen instead to oppose him at every turn, and with every fiber of their being, no matter how far removed their protest is from the man himself.

Take, for instance, the issue of illegal immigration; a pillar of the Trump agenda as advertised during the 2016 election that saw him elected.  Americans chose Trump in order to plug holes in our border that have allowed any number of undocumented immigrants to migrate to America.  Some of these folks are simply coming to our nation to find opportunity in our labor force, but are unwilling to naturalize themselves and pay taxes.  Others, however, have a far more sinister agenda involving drugs, human trafficking, or illegal arms.

To effectively keep our nation safe, we must secure the border and direct those who wish to be future American citizens to the naturalization process…something that the liberals want no part of.

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Now, in a display of their blind “resistance”, left-leaning restaurants in New York City are refusing to deliver to a nearby military base after an illegal pizza delivery man was arrested by ICE days ago.

Several local restaurants near Brooklyn’s Fort Hamilton are boycotting the army base after a pizza deliveryman was arrested when it was discovered he is an illegal alien.

Pablo Villavicencio, a 35-year-old Ecuadorean national, was taken into custody by ICE agents after he could not produce legal identification when he attempted to deliver a pizza to a soldier at the base on June 1.

But now, some local restaurants are speaking up by launching a boycott and refusing to serve soldiers.

The reaction from affected restauranteurs was less than logical.

“I won’t send my guys there anymore,” Josefina Cardoso, owner of the El Puente restaurant in Bay Ridge, told the New York Post. “I would feel guilty if something happened.”

Cardoso added that her employees want to boycott the soldiers.

“Some people tell their bosses ‘I’m not going,’” cook and deliveryman Emanuel Kabrinny told the media. “I’m not going either. If they want food, let them come here [to pick it up].”

Chris Moustakas, a manager of a local bagel joint, also said that he no longer wants to send deliverymen to the base.

“We’re kind of afraid to send someone to the Army base this morning, and what’s the first call? From the Army base,” Moustakas said.

No word on whether or not these businesses are ready or willing to admit that they exploit undocumented workers for their often illegally low wages and lack of liability insurance in case of an accident.

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